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Wrong Turn: The Foundation What Is The Release Date And Storyline

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The Wrong Turn is an American horror movie franchise. All films of this franchise have the same plot in the center. Where various deformed crowded families of cannibals hunt and kill a group of people, for consumption. Also, these cannibals hunt & live in West Virginia. In addition, they hunt in a very atrocious manner and use a mixture of weapons & traps. Out of all the cannibals, one cannibal, identified as Three-Finger, has appeared in all the six films.

It is a US origin film created by Alan B. McElroy. The film will be distributed by the company, The Constantin Film.

A total of six films of the franchise are released till now. Firstly, the Wrong Turn was released in the year 2003. The last movie of the franchise, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort, was released in the year 2014.

Wrong Turn: The Foundation is a German-American origin horror film. In the month of October 2018, the Wrong Turn was officially renewed for its 7th film, Wrong Turn: The Foundation. The filming began in September 2019 and is expected to be released this year.

When will the 7th installment release?

After there renewal of the Wrong Turn: The Foundation in 2018, the filming began from September 9, 2019. Some of our close sources reported that the filming was completed by November 2, 2019. No official announcement is yet made about the film release. But the film is expected to be premiered in the year 2020. However, the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19 could be the reason for the delay in the release. And since many films have been directly premiered on VOD, so the theatre premiere & release of the Wrong Turn: The Foundation is unknown until any official announcements are made.

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The storyline of the Wrong Turn: The Foundation

As per the franchise of the Wrong Turn, the renewed film will follow the same plot for the Wrong Turn: The Foundation. The story will begin with a group of friends who are hiking to the Appalachian Trail. Which is somewhere near Harper’s Ferry, in West Virginia. In West Virginia mountains, the friends meet a community of people (cannibals) known as The Foundation. They were reported for living there for more than a hundred years, even before the Civil War.

However, the film is expected to be a restart, with different cannibals featuring in this film. The film will have a common language, with modern terror & horror in it.

Besides, the character names revealed might have a link to the theme. The names are Deer Skull, Wolf Skull, Ram Skull & Wild Boar Skull.

An expected Cast Of the Wrong Turn: The Foundation

Firstly, the following stars are expected to feature the lead role in the upcoming movie of the Wrong Turn.

They are-

  • Valerie Jane Parker will play as Corrine
  • Dylan McTee will play as Adam Lucas
  • Matthew Modine will play as Scott
  • Charlotte Vega will play as Jess Shaw
  • Chaney Morrow will play as Hobbs
  • Emma Dumont will play as Milla D’Angelo
  • Adrian Favela will play as Luis Ortiz

In addition, we will see

  • David Hutchinson will play as Cullen / Wild Boar Skull
  • Damian Maffei will play as Morgan / Deer Skull
  • Mark Mench will play as Standard / Wolf Skull
  • Bill Sage will play the role of Venable / Ram Skull

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