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Was It Love? Season 1: Everything A Fan Should Know About The Netflix K-Drama

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Netflix has recently served a gift to the K-Drama fans. Furthermore, has now started creating various Korean series due to its popularity among the audience. Moreover, in the year 2020, Netflix has released more than 13 primary K-Dramas. Therefore, much more is expected to release through this remaining year. However, in July 2020, Netflix has added to its collection as well as released an all-new Korean series named “Was It Love?”

“Was It Love?” is a licensed Netflix Original series. It is a K-Drama series that is directed & written by namely Kim Do Hyung and Lee Seung-Jin. However, the show is considered to be a romantic-comedy. Besides, this is the first season of the show, with a total of 16 episodes in it. Each episode has a running time of 70 minutes (approximately).

Is the show telecasted?

Firstly, the show “Was It Love?” was scheduled to be released on July 8, 2020. Though Netflix has planned to release 2 episodes every week. With a pattern of one episode consecutively every Wednesday & Thursday.

In fact, there is a total of 16 episodes in the series. Similarly, with each episode having a running time of 70 minutes (approximately).

Was It Love?' Season 1: Netflix K-Drama, Plot, Cast, Trailer ...
Source: What’s on Netflix

Release schedule of the show-

Furthermore, “Was It Love”  Season: 1 episode is all set to be released on Netflix on the following dates-

Serial Number Netflix Release Date
Episode 1 July 8, 2020
Episode 2 July 9, 2020
Episode 3 July 15, 2020
Episode 4 July 16, 2020
Episode 5 July 22, 2020
Episode 6 July 23, 2020
Episode 7 July 29, 2020
Episode 8 July 30, 2020
Episode 9 August 05, 2020
Episode 10 August 06, 2020
Episode 11 August 12, 2020
Episode 12 August 13, 2020
Episode 13 August 19, 2020
Episode 14 August 20, 2020
Episode 15 August 27, 2020
Episode 16 August 28, 2020


Besides, the South Korean broadcast jTBC will also release. These episodes will be premiered likewise on jTBC, as per the Netflix schedule. Thus, the show will be available on jTBC as well on Netflix.

The storyline of Netflix’s “Was It Love?”

In short, the story begins with Noh Ae Jung, a successful film producer. She is strong in her professional life but has given up on her love life. Furthermore, she has particularly been a single mother for the past 14 years. AS a result, has given up on love-life. However, the plot of the show revolves around her life and the decisions made by her in the past. Besides, the show follows the story of how she has 4 suitor men for her. Among them, One is a bad boy author whom No Ae Jung can’t oppose. The second is miserable, yet a rich-handsome man. Followed by third being former criminal/gangster who later turned to be a CEO. However, the fourth suitor was a young genuine-hearted dynamic guidance instructor.

The story revolves around her and has many twists and turns and is beyond the viewers’ imagination.

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