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Warner Bros Reportedly Thinking To Cameo Jim Carrey As An Old Joker

To begin with, actor Jim Carrey turns into being the clown prince of crime for DC as well as for the Warner Bros. As he will be replacing actor Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker.

Jim Carrey was one of the most impactful and productive actors of the 1990s time. Moreover, if you were born somewhere during the 1980s. Then you already know that Jim’s over-the-top humor part as well as his acting. That is from several hit films including ‘Liar Liar’, or Ace Ventura was very impressive and masterpiece while we grew up. Actor Jim Carrey has also ventured into the superhero genre films. And he did Batman Forever. Besides, he also portrayed the role of Edward Nigma a.k.a. The Riddler in the film. The actor also imprinted his very own kind of humor on the classic film Batman’s villain. And therefore, the result was a character that either the audience loved or the audience hated. Moreover, it will be awesome to see actor Jim Carrey in other Batman villains like for example, The Joker.

Moreover, if we follow the recent updates. News broke out that the Warner Brothers are reported of cameoing Jim Carrey as the old Joker. Moreover, director Todd Phillips’ Joker series might have become the highest-grossing R-rated film ever. Furthermore, the director has made one of the most defining titles of last year in 2019.

Major details about Jim Carrey as the Joker

According to sources, the director’s plan is to make people aware of the reality of the character of Arthur. As this character is just inspiration for Mr. J. Moreover, this character will not the main character that will go into the plot to become Batman’s archenemy.

Moreover, in the sequel, we will be able to see the different characters crossing different generations. And that might have taken on, so as to mantle after the troubled figure. That will later become an unlikely icon. Besides, the 58-year-old Carrey will be eyed for an older version of the villain of the film. However, he (Arthur) will not be the real Joker. But will be just someone, who is inspired by the character of ‘Arthur’.

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Moreover, this Batman star has proven himself as a fantastic dramatic actor. And he is the right material for the film. Besides, he can balance both sides of his. That is his personal and an onscreen person. At that time, he can do something truly unique and remarkable with the role if he ends up signing on.

Is there any image of Jim Carrey as Joker?

At present, no official image of Jim Carrey is yet revealed as the upcoming Joker. However, there is an amazing image of Jim Carrey in which, he perfectly replaces the Joker by actor, Joaquin Phoenix. And as the Clown Prince Of Crime, as the artist has used an image of Jim from his hit film, entitled The Mask.

Moreover, the classic purple hat, as well as the suit that is worn by The Joker. These are mirrored in Jim Carrey’s picture as he has turned it into the crazy Mask character. Besides, the artist has used it for his advantage to show us how Jim Carrey might look like if he becomes the enigmatic Batman villain for the upcoming film.

However, at that time, Joaquin Phoenix (full name Joaquin Rafael Phoenix) was cast for the role of Joker 2019.

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