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Virgin River Season 2: Potential Storyline And Other Major Details Of The Show!!!

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The show Virgin River will soon return with a sequel of 10-episodes. The giant, Netflix has officially announced the show to return for a sequel. Besides, this upcoming season will adapt the book series by author Robyn Carr. However, details of the upcoming season is still a mystery.

To begin with, the storyline revolves around a woman named, Mel Monroe. She has relocated herself from her original place of living to a distant town. Near California. She did this with the hope & objective of escaping her latest shock/trauma.

The show, Virgin River was a huge hit. Besides, due to the huge fan base and demand. Soon after the premiere of the first season, the show was renewed for the sequel of part-2. The firsts season of the show was a romantic-drama. Besides, the season ended with a few loose ends. And major cliffhangers. Therefore, making the fans curious to know the upcoming plot and the climax.

Here are the details we have about the upcoming season of Virgin River Season: 2.

The upcoming season is expected to have the character, Melinda Monroe in the lead role. As she is the one who responds to work as a nurse practitioner. In the rural area of California, in a town named Virgin River. She discovers the place to be much more ahead than her expectation. However, she must heal herself in order to make that place her new home.

Virgin River' Season 2: Netflix Release Date & What We Know So Far ...
Source: What’s on Netflix

Virgin River’s ending explained

*Spoilers alert*

The season of the show ended with a cliffhanger. With a very unusual and dramatic note. As we saw Mel Monroe packing her things up. With a clear intention of leaving the town forever. Besides, her connection & relationship with Jack has strived. Due being late by the discovery of Charmaine being pregnant. This has made Mel feel inferior & insecure about herself.

In the climax scene of the first season, Mel tells john about the relationship. And concludes that their being together will be too tough for them. However, Jack’s expressions of his love don’t seem to be enough or her to change her mindset.

Subsequently, things are resembling bad for Paige as her ex-husband. He who is an abusive person shows up to her in the Virgin River. Besides, soon after she meets him, she disappears. Therefore, making people believe her of being kidnapped (the reason for the missing).

Lastly, a positive note at the end was Doc & Hope were able to get a little peace & happiness. The admitted their feeling for each other and decided to give themself a chance. As to get married, to give their marriage another chance.

 When will the Virgin River’s sequel return on Netflix?

No official release date is yet announced. Besides, the show is expected to release in late 2020.

However, the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19 has affected the whole world, especially the film industry. Also, the filming is temporarily hated to avoid the spread of the virus. Therefore the show premiere might get delay.

Is there any official trailer release for Virgin River’s sequel?

No official trailer is yet released for the upcoming season of the show.

However, stay tuned with us to find out other major details in the future.

Who will return in the cast of the upcoming season of the Virgin River?

Most of the cast members from the first season of expected to return into the sequel.

  • Alexandra Breckenridge playing as Melinda Monroe (also known as Mel). A midwife looking forward to a new beginning of her life in the California town.
  • Colin Lawrence playing as John Middleton “Preacher”.
  • Star Jenny Cooper playing as Joey Barnes.
  • Lauren Hammersley playing as Charmaine Roberts.
  • Annette O’Toole playing as Hope McCrea.
  • And Tim Matheson playing as Vernon Mullins (also known as Doc).

In addition, sources reported that Ben Hollingsworth will return to the role of Dan Brady in the upcoming season.

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