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There Is Going To Be A Netflix Series Based On Cyberpunk 2077: Details Inside

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Hey, guys hope you all are happy to read to know that world-famous anticipated video game CYBERPUNK 2077 is expanding. Studio Trigger and CD Projekt Red developed this anime game and a 10-episode of the series based on the capital from the streaming giant network Netflix. This anti-utopia science-fiction video game is starring Keanu Reeves? Probably Not yet, we will inform you when we get anything about it. Now here we discuss and tell you more things about the Netflix anime series Cyberpunk 2077 without thinking too much Scroll-up here…

CYBERPUNK 2077: Everything You Should Know!!

This Thursday Netflix announced that new anime series CYBERPUNK: Edgerunners will arrive on the streaming platform in 2020. The Edgerunner story follows the normal street kid who trying to survive in a technical obsessed city by becoming an edge runner [CYBERPUNK]. This series will be directed by the Hiroyuki Imaishi. See here the link:

Many times we hear the rumors that Keanu Reeves main starring in the series but it’s not confirmed, and it’s sad but CYBERPUNK has seen more release date delays, and now it’s ready to hit on NOVEMBER 19th. Therefore, CYBERPUNK: 2077 made a huge dash on the E3 conference. And the developer of the series debuted the new trailer for the game during this game fest summer. Check out below:

Therefore, there’s nothing more revealed about the further plans of the anime series, in the above video, you can find more about the CYBERPUNK game and we assure you that when we get anything anywhere about the future plans of these series we will tell you first and for further news, you can stay with THESCUTTLEPAPER and share your excitement and thoughts in the comment box if you wish.

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