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The Social Dilemma Trailer Reveals About The Storyline Know It Here

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To begin with, the first official trailer of Netflix’s upcoming documentary “The Social Dilemma” is out. It is an upcoming documentary-drama combination. Besides, revolves around the serious and dangerous human impact of social networking platforms & sites.

In this world full of people who always look for the latest hot take. It is natural to say that all social media platforms are a great tool. Yet, it is considered as one of the most terrifying & terrible inventions of the modern era. And to some point and some people, social media is evil.

Moreover, the present technology can be used positively in many different aspects. And can be used as a tool to unite people from different locations & different countries globally. However, it is turned and has deteriorated into a fake platform. This fake platform is a new machine used by people for constantly arguing.

Is there a trailer of Netflix’s upcoming documentary?

Netflix has already dropped the first trailer of its upcoming documentary, “The Social Dilemma.”

If you haven’t watched the latest trailer of “The Social Dilemma” yet. Here it is for you-

The trailer reveals major details for “The Social Dilemma.” Moreover, Netflix’s upcoming documentary revolves around the creation of social media sites & platforms. Besides, its aftereffect on society. Furthermore, the documentary takes a few further steps. And revealed by talking about the people who were a part of the creation of these technologies. Moreover, the doc also talks about how the information provided by us can & is used against us. However, the most common way of its use is in the form of advertising.

When the “The Social Dilemma”

Initially, the documentary film was scheduled to release in the month of January 2020.

However, is now shifted to and will premiere on September 9, 2020.

Moreover, it will air on the giant, Netflix.

Major details about “The Social Dilemma”

To begin with, it is an upcoming documentary film that is directed by the famous filmmaker, Jeff Orlowski. Moreover, Jeff Orlowski is best known for creating documentaries including Chasing Coral & Chasing Ice. Furthermore, the documentary is about the dangerous human impacts of social networking.

Moreover, the film’s interviewees different people who are involved in Social Media technology. And the list includes different people, Firstly, Justin Rosenstein, he is the co-inventor of the “Like” button of Facebook. Secondly, the Director of Policy at the AI Now Institute named Rashida Richardson. Moreover, thirdly, with Tristan Harris, who is the Center for Humane Technology. Fourthly, along with the author Cathy O’Neil, as she is the author of “Weapons of Math Destruction.”. Lastly, the former Director of Monetization at Facebook who is also the former President of Pinterest, Tim Kendall.

Synopsis of Netflix’s upcoming documentary

“We the people tweet. And we the people like & share. However, what are the different outcomes of our expanding dependency on different social media?”

Since the digital platforms are increasing rapidly, it has become a part and lifeline for us to stay connected. Moreover, Silicon Valley insiders have revealed how much social media is reprogramming the civilization. And how it is exposing what is hiding on the other side of our screen.

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