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The Promised Neverlands Has Returned For it’s Betrayal!! Details Revealed!

Shonen Jump’s popular fantasy series The Promised Neverland completed its official run this past June, and for the fans, this is the emotional goodbye that pulled their heartstrings with an ending to the twisted story. As well as this series has ended and fans are awaiting that moment when they can see a short story released in October. And this short story focused on Loving, Ray, and incredibly snarky.

For a couple of months, the writer Kaiu Shirai and illustrator Posuka Demizu have once again updated the series with another one-shot and they will try to give the story into the backstory of Sister Krone. And we want to tell you that at the end of the story Krone leads to her desire to become Isabella by her death at the hands of the demons. This is one of the most dynamic and tragic character’s stories.

With a new perspective, The Promised Neverland returns?

Therefore, the latest one-shot of The Promised Neverland looks at Krone’s origin with a new perspective. Seeking the sky of freedom titled is one of the special sides of the story and it follows the friendship between Krone and her sister Cecile. These two sisters work together in secret and their friendship is a kind of mirror between the modern-day team of Ray, Norman, and Emma but their destiny does not.

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Gets January Premiere Date
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Though in the story on her way to warn sister Cecile of a possible hitch in their plan to escape and after that she betrays her sister, Krone, telling their Grandma that it was Krone who stole her pocket watch which helps her grandma to tracks the other orphans. And after that Cecile reports her sister’s attempt at escape, and as a result of these steps she lead to her being killed and this is the ultimate betrayal between two partners in crime.

Other Details we should know!!

However, the short story plot twist ceases to end there. On the other hand, Krone has proof that it was instead Cecile, not herself who escape attempting. In short, this was clearly created to act as a tool in a plan to escape. Krone gets successful to reveal Cecile’s plans and her truth. An attempt at betrayal on Cecile’s behalf turns out to be a double backstabbing from Krone and it gives the twist and turns in the story. Well, this is sad but true that the story ends with a depiction of Krone’s death years in the future and they both were pushed to desperation, betraying their closest friend in an attempt to survive at whatever cost and this makes it one of the most tragic plot twists yet, respectively.

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