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The OA Season 3: Everything We Should Know Before It’s Release!!

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The series OA is also known as Original Angel. It is an American origin web TV series. Created by Brit Marling & Zal Batmangliz. OA is a supernatural, science-fiction fantasy drama type series. The series is famous as it was a narrative notwithstanding its imperfections. The series is streamed on the giant streaming platform, Netflix.

Two seasons of the series is premiered till now. Firstly, the series OA Season: 1 was released on December 16, 2016. With 8 episodes in it. However, after the success of the first season, on  February 8, 2017. Netflix officially renewed the series OA for the second season. OA Season: 2 was premiered on March 22, 2019, on the giant streaming platform Netflix.

The creators of the series OA had planned to release five seasons of the show. However, on August 5, 2019, Netflix officially canceled the further renewal of the show.

The OA Season 3: Is Netflix Reconsidering To Revive The Show?
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Will the series OA renew?

The series is officially canceled and no information about renewal is yet known. However, the OA series creator Brit Marling said. “I am sad. For not being able to move forward. So as to complete the story of the show.” In addition, she said how sad and heartbroken she was along with her team members. This information was known by one of her Instagram posts.

Expected release date of OA?

The latest season was released on March 22, 2019. After which the show was canceled. Netflix officially canceled the renewal of the show for further seasons. In addition, no prediction can be made because of the ongoing pandemic COVID-19. It has affected the whole worldwide. Also, filming in many parts of the world has been temporarily halted. In order to stop & avoid the spread of the virus. Therefore the mystery can only be continued until the show is officially renewed. And the suspense can only be revealed once and the story is completed.

An expected plot of the show

Nobody knows anything about the plot of the next season. The OA Season: 2 ended indicating parallel worlds mixing, which could be observed by BBA only. However, the plot of OA Season: 3 is very controversial. Many theories and considerations are available for season 3.

The expected cast of the OA Season: 3

The new season of the series will have all the main characters from the previous seasons. In addition, there are possibilities that many new characters might appear. And many famous stars may have a guest appearance. However, presently no conclusions can be made. Unless the show officially renews and is premiered. There could be more surprises for the viewers.

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