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The First’ Half Of Lucifer Season 5 Will Arrive This Friday!!! Know Major Updates Before Watching The Show!!

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The long-awaited season of Lucifer will air in a few hours. That is Lucifer Season: 5 will start streaming online. From August 21, 2020. Besides, we will see our handsome & charming devil (played by Tom Ellis) against his biggest challenge ever. Lucifer’s greatest challenge is his devious sly twin brother.

Moreover, the past seasons have proved that character, Lucifer Morningstar has no shortage of siblings. That is, he has many siblings. Besides, as soon as either of them appears. Trouble in his life arises not long after.

The fifth season will have the plot of Michael being the latest to come to Earth with his mission. As he has planned to wreck the already made life of his twin brother, Lucifer. But will he succeed? Or Lucifer’s allies will spot the deception?

This will only be revealed once the show releases. However, there are various possibilities. That includes the Detective spotting the strange behavior of her partner. Moreover, the possibilities of Amenadiel recognizing Michael’s true identity are high.

Moreover, whatever the situation is, Lucifer will surely return to Earth. It is already shown in Lucifer’s official trailer.

Besides, there is another season yet to come. As the giant, Netflix has already confirmed to show to have a sixth season. Therefore, the ending of Season: 5 can lead to any unexpected direction.

Tom Ellis's Lucifer Season 5 Part 1 to release on August 21 ...
Source:- India Today

When & Where to watch Lucifer Season: 5

To begin with, Lucifer Season: 5’s official release date was confirmed by Netflix’s twitter handle. As the first half of Lucifer Season: 5 will release on August 21, 2020, on the giant streaming platform, Netflix.

Moreover, only the first 8 episodes of the season will air on Netflix, on August 21 at midnight PDT.

Furthermore, all the episodes of the show will drop at once. That is at 12:01 PST on the giant, Netflix.

However, No official release date about the second part of season 5 is yet known.

Is there an official trailer available?

An official trailer of Netflix’s Lucifer’s upcoming season is already released. Moreover, the trailer already revealed an extended look at the upcoming episodes. The trailer revealed the biggest plot twist ever. And the entry of Lucifer’s twin, Michael into the show. Furthermore, the trailer provided as a figure to cause mayhem in Lucifers’s life by his past.

What is Netflix’s Lucifer about?

To begin with, Lucifer is a comedy-drama show. And is based and revolves around the main character, named Lucifer Morningstar (aka The Devil). He moved to the city of Los Angeles after he was tired of his highly demanding job, as the Lord of Hell. Lucifer quickly gets involved with Chloe Decker, an LAPD detective. With time, they develop a complicated, yet strong bond between them.

Moreover, Lucifer has the following abilities, like the superhuman powers, strength, and invulnerability along with the ability to make people tell him (Lucifer) their desire. These abilities are based on a character of The Sandman comic-book series, created by Neil Gaiman.

As the show continues, Lucifer along with his associates & allies takes a huge number of murder cases. Furthermore, he faces many supernatural threats. However, the strangest, yet most powerful challenge is yet to come in the upcoming season.

Moreover, the upcoming season will have many twists and turns.

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