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The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8: Release Date And Other Information!!

To begin with, the latest season of The Curse Of Oak Island recently ended a few months back, in the month of April 2020. Moreover, in a meeting recently held The Curse of Oak Island team including Marty Lagina and Rick Lagina and the team. The team mainly discussed and focused on their willingness to renew and return the show. And on continuing the show of solving the 225-year-old mystery of the island. Furthermore, the last installment season did not conclude the show by finding the treasures. Instead, a group later made big discoveries that were worth checking out. Therefore, the fans of The Curse Of Oak Island are now eagerly waiting for the next season, The Curse of Oak Island Season 8.

The Curse of Oak Island is a Canadian reality TV multi-season show. The show discovers the efforts of an eclectic team of people who are treasure hunters. And are searching for the legendary treasure, on the infamous Oak Island. Oak Island is situated on the Atlantic shore of southern Nova Scotia in Canada. The show is an American television production series. The Curse of Oak Island first premiered on the History network in Canada on January 5, 2014. Moreover, the show mainly features what is known as the Oak Island mystery. And it shows the efforts of the participates to search for historical artifacts and treasures.

Moreover, a total of 7 seasons of The Curse of Oak Island of released till now with a total of 112 episodes in it. Furthermore, each episode has a running time of 43 minutes.

Has The Curse of Oak Island renewed for Season: 8?

To begin with, at present, the History Channel has not yet revealed any detail about the show renewal for The Curse of Oak Island Season: 8. However, the fans of this series are asked not to worry about the show. This is said because though no official statement has yet been made. However, it is certain for thew creators and the fans that the series will be soon returning and finishing the plot of what they have started.

And perhaps, the History Channel is now waiting for something big before it confirms the renewal of the eighth season. Moreover, it was shared on Oak Island that shooting of the show has already started. Therefore it is possible that the team is now collecting interesting clips before the good news release. Besides, one of the most important things is that filming is now ongoing. Moreover, the residents of the island have witnessed the filming of the coming and going of trucks as well as other equipment. Moreover, on the social media platform of Facebook Page, a few shared the pictures of the spots as well as the cranes were seen ongoing activities such as the swamp.

When will History’s The Curse of Oak Island Season: 8 release?

No official release date of the show is yet released by the creators. Besides, the Curse of Oak Island Season 8 has not yet released an official release date.

However, the show is expected to release on History in the next year, in 2021.

History’s The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Details

To begin with, there are numerous things to expect in the upcoming season of The Curse of Oak Island. However, among them, the most important thing is to note is the Big Dig that the Lagina brothers have been talking about it.

Besides, this step is another step for them to unearth the vault. The vault is located in the Money Pit. According to them, the vault might have sunk even deeper over the years. Therefore the plan might not work and can fail. Hence the Big Dig Project of them will be allowing them to go further down. Therefore, requiring the process of freezing the ground as well as taking out the dirt to reveal what is down in there.

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