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The Batman: DC FanDome Teaser Teases Details Regarding The Story Know Here!!!

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To begin with, the first official The Batman DC FanDome teaser is finally out. Besides, Robert Pattinson’s Batman film is one of the most predictable DC films ever. Moreover, after such a long time, the trailer is finally released with a panel about Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Moreover, the trailer gave us a brief introduction to the upcoming film, with Robert Pattinson playing as Batman.

Besides, the trailer released shows the first look of Robert Pattinson in the Dark Knight film.

Watch the trailer of ‘The Batman DC FanDome’ 

The first official teaser of Robert Pattinson’s Batman is out. Watch it below-

When will The Batman release?

At present, the film is scheduled for a theatrical release in the next year. On October 01, 2021.

However, the dates might change as the filming is still under production. Besides, due to the ongoing pandemic, Coronavirus, the schedules might change.

Major details about the film

The basic plotline of the film is already predicted. As the film will be an examination of the analysis of corruption happening at Gotham City. However, Matt Reeves revealed the film to be a prequel himBatman Year Two movie. The series will reduce the city’s corruption. As it will go back many years, said Reeves.

Moreover, this upcoming film is also an origin story for several villains, along with the Penguin, Catwoman, and Riddler. As they all will be in various stages of their plot development. And they will become closer to their traditional counterparts.

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Other details about the film

To begin with, Batman is an upcoming American origin superhero film. Besides, the film is based on the DC Comics character named the same. Moreover, the film is being produced by DC Films. Furthermore, Robert Pattinson’s Batman is a reboot of the Batman film franchise.

The first trailer of the film surprised the viewers. Moreover, revealed the information about the film being under production.

The film production was shut due to the ongoing global pandemic, Coronavirus. However, the latest trailer released brought the fans the first look of the film and what the fans & viewers should expect from the film.

Like in Gotham City, crime is running wildly. Moreover, evil forces are trying to get Batman. Furthermore, the story takes about the time of two years. Of Bruce Wayne’s career playing as Batman. And in the period, he is still a masked vigilante. Reeves has emphasized that Batman is under development. And there are several people who are afraid of him.

An expected cast revealed by the trailer 

The latest released trailer released the plot, as well as the first look of Robert Pattinson into the film. Besides, the trailer also introduced a few major characters. They are Jeffrey Wright’s James Gordon and Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman. Moreover, Andy Serkis’ Alfred is also heard in the trailer. However, the Riddler and The Penguin are early into their own criminal careers.

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