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Taylor Swift Evermore Album: ”WILLOW” Song Video has Released!! Details Inside!!

Finally, the wait is over, our favorite Taylor Swift launched her new music video ‘Willow’ from her ninth album Evermore and it gets millions of views in just an hour. Again Taylor astonished her fans with her new video song and it fabulous. Taylor again comes with her piano which appeared to be a cord of sorts made of the same orange magic kinds of stuff that attract her through the stages of a relationship in the Cardigan music video.

In the video, we saw her at different stages of her life from childhood to adolescence she connecting with her man who keeps disappearing on her as if he was ever there. And this video ended with the two of them walking out the door into the real world, side by side and hand in hand {TOGETHER}. Finally, it would seem, she’s found the real man of her life, her love. In short, this video is one of the hit albums Swift. The choreography of the album surprised the viewers as well. Check out the video below:

Taylor Wants “evermore” to represent the winter & fall?

Though appropriately, these videos are directly linked with her another surprise summer release “Folklore” and evermore her ninth album as a companion to Folklore. On her YouTube page, Swift told her fans, that she wanted ‘evermore’ to represent fall & winter while ‘folklore’ represents spring & summer. She also said that she always wanted to do a two-part anthology that’s a collective body of her work and it just kind of happened naturally and she will try her best in all videos to make her fans happy and never wants to disappoint them for anything.

Taylor Swift Unveils 'Willow' Music Video | Billboard
Source:- Billboard

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