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Supernatural Season 15 Final Trailer Out For The Show Teasing Storyline Deets Here!!!

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To begin with, the latest final trailer of Supernatural Season: 15 has been released. Besides, the trailer reveals the CW series having one last flashback episode. It will be the last before the show concludes.

The latest new trailer for Supernatural Season: 15 hints on getting one last flashback episode. Moreover, the trailer was released in the anticipation of the show’s return on releasing as it was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Besides, the filming industry was at a halt to prevent the spread of the virus. However, the shooting of the show resumed in the beginning days of August. Moreover, the creators and the streaming platform are planning to air the show. In the second week of next month, which is October.

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Moreover, the upcoming season of Supernatural is the fifteenth and last season of the show. It is an American origin horror-drama dark fantasy TV series. Director Eric Kripke created the show which was premiered on The CW on October 10, 2019. Besides, the show was scheduled to conclude in the month of May 2020. However, due to the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19. The filming was shut. Besides, people were maintaining physical distancing from each other.

However, the filming of the series is resumed. Besides, now the streaming giant has scheduled to resume the show airing from October 2020.

The final trailer of Supernatural

The latest final trailer of the show was recently released by the creators. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, watch it now-

Major details about the latest trailer released

A day back, The CW posted a new latest trailer for Supernatural Season 15. It was released to the streaming platform’s YouTube channel. Moreover, the majority of the released trailer reveals brothers Sam (played by Jared Padalecki). And Dean (played by Jensen Ackles) with their struggle of saving the world. Besides, for once and for all. However, a short yet brief part is short about halfway through the trailer. As it shows a youthful and young version of Dean and Sam together. They are standing together behind a chain-linked fence. Although it is subtle, yet the shot filmed indicates to the fans. Moreover, indications are made for the show of featuring one flashback episode in it. The flashback of the brothers before the show will be gone forever. Besides, it will be for the one last time.

Synopsis of the show

CV’s show, Supernatural is an American fantasy horror series. Besides, it is among many of the few shows that are unique in its own way. It is of its kind that can air for more than a decade. Although the show, Supernatural was at its peak popularity. As well as due to the cultural relevance in early 2010. Besides, the show has very enthusiasm and dedication among the fan base. The show has its fanbase since the beginning, and throughout its entire run. Normally, the show has so many running seasons. Besides, the writers have gradually increased their stakes in the story of the show over time.

Moreover, in the early seasons of the show, it has featured its main characters that are tracking down smaller monsters and demons. The story proceeds in a Scooby-Doo-like format. However, in the later seasons, they have larger, and more threatening villains. However, the final season of Supernatural concluded with the Winchesters’ plan. The plan was of literally killing God.

Besides, one of the most asked questions of the fans is. Whether we will discover any new secret about the Winchester family with the flashback part? This question is asked since Ackles has earlier revealed that the script for Season 15 was actually changed. It was changed due to the ongoing pandemic, COVID-19. The change was a response. Therefore, it is possible that the upcoming flashback episode will have a different plot. And a very different impact on the series than the one we can initially expect.

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