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Supernatural Final Episode Cancelled By Netflix? Know Here!!

Before starting anything we will clarify to you that the Supernatural final episode not canceled yet. In the history of streaming platforms, this show is one of the longest-running series ever. And that’s why creators and show stars prove the show’s quality. In back 2005, this show made its first premiere on The CW. And after its premiere, the brother duo of Sam and Dean has earned more famous all over the world.

So it’s confirmed that with lots of suspense and mysteries Supernatural is ready to begins on screen for its final episodes. However, as we have all known that in midway through the 15th season, the show experienced a major obstacle, and fans get worried about its future. But here we will give you every single detail about the final episode of Supernatural just stay tuned and scroll-down below to know more.


For the fans, this is the good news that the final seven episodes of Supernatural are going to return this month. Because of COVID-19, the filming of the next episodes has halted in mid-March and it’s resumed in Vancouver this August. Well, the subscribers of Netflix will have to wait for November to watch the final seven episodes of Supernatural. And seven last episodes will return on screen this November 27.

Though this is very clear that The CW closed all doors for the show next season and according to Ackles, the series might be the last stop is HBO Max. As well we all are aware that this show is all about the Warner Brothers and for them HBO Max is a more feasible option over CBS All Access. And the fans of the show will be waiting in expectation for how the final season wraps up.

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Though the premiere of the series was well on its time. And we already revealed that the 15th Season of Supernatural going to be 20 episodes long, and the final episode being a maximum of 2 hours long. In the era of COVID-19, many shows have halted their production in mid-March and Supernatural is one of them. And that’s the reason why Supernatural has delayed for its last episode.

If you remember the Andrew Debb tweeted regarding it, in which he revealed that they have filmed through episode 18 but their visual effects and sound departments have closed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. So, right now, the episodes can’t be finished. And it’s obvious to understand that the show producers were unswervable to complete the season by splitting it into two parts, and the first 13 episodes aired by this March 2020, with the rest of the announcement to release later. Therefore, read our latest buzz regarding all your preferred series on your website The ScuttlePaper. 

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