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Stranger Things Season 4: Series Is Officially Delayed Gaten Matarazzo Reveals

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Fans Favourite American science fiction horror series Stranger Things Season 4 is officially delayed revealed by the Gaten Matarazzo who plays the character of Dustin in the series. As well as in the month of September 2019, the producer of the show, Duffer Brothers confirmed that the next installment of the show will arrive definitely again on streaming giant Netflix.  Due to COVID-19, this season will arrive in mid-2021. Here you spot every single detail related to it and we make sure you will like it too. So for more bumf Scroll-up here.

Series is Official Date Delayed? But Why?

As well sources tell us that Stranger Things Season 4 filming was in the middle when the situation of lockdown begins. And now the show star Gaten revealed that the release date of the series has been pushed for the other dates. Truly, there is nothing confirmed about the production of the show but the star Garen confirmed that they were in the middle of the show before the epidemic.

The Untold Truth About Dustin From Stranger Things - YouTube

Source: Youtube.com

Additionally, he said that when it comes to being part of the show in general, it has kept him away from home for a long time. Due to the epidemic, he has come home largely and here to rest and he trying to get back to work because they’ve been away for a long time. They usually shoot in Atlanta for seven or eight months, so it takes some time, it’s more than half the year that he’s away. Well, nothing said more about the show planned related to the release date but he gives us a hint about the scheduled date of the show.

Other Major Updates Of The Show You Should Know Before Its Premiere!!

However, the story of season 3 will end emotionally and many fans are upset with it and they are upset because there is no cliffhanger about the plot of the show and it’s difficult to say that where the story of the show will continue in season 4. Well, it’s suspense for us too but in September “we are not Hawkins anymore” statement gets confused many fans and we are sure that Season 4 brings anything for us. Sadly, we find no more details about the plot of the show, respectively.

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