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Selena Gomez Still Single Because She Never Stops Herself To Love Justin Bieber? Detailed The Timeline Of Duo’s!!

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Love, Breakup, and Heart Broken story in Hollywood is a common thing we discuss. But the story of Love started emerging with the high voltage drama in the middle of the trios, the audience started getting curious to know more about it. Yes, you got it right today we have something interesting for our readers about the drama of Love between Selena and Justin.

After so much drama Justin got married to Hailey Baldwin in September 2018. But it seems like Selena not forgetting him and his love after so many years while she pretends okay in front of the media. And after listening to her songs we can’t stop ourselves to think about her. Like fans, we also have confused if everything is okay why she is still single? Is she loves Justin yet? Know here everything about your Favorite ex-couples.

The Complete Timeline of Jelena?

Therefore, the story of Jelena starts in December 2010. When the duos spotted holding hands in Philadelphia but with no drama of them. And after the one year of their relationship in November 2011, spreading the rumors of a breakup of Selena and Justin. And in May 2012 Selena delete her Instagram post for shortly with the caption I want to release some stress today.

In 2015 Selena revealed that she didn’t know in the future she reconciled with Justin or not and she officially accepted that she broke up with Justin in 2012. But she will always support him forever wherever he needs her. But the story has changed when Justin posted the photos of his with Sofia Richie. After his post, Selena said in a comment indirectly that if people don’t handle the hate then stop posting the picks of their Girlfriend, Lol. No need to be mad at your fans.

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And after her comment, Justin said that People using his name for seeking attention it’s quite funny and still try to point the finger this way. That, they always be the part of controversies in the corridor of Hollywood. And after marriage Justin and Hailey, Selena focusing on her career.

Other Updates On Selena And Justin Relationship Timline!!

Though I’m sure you all hear the song Lose You To Love Me and you all get to know that this song of Selena is the story of heartbroken. And there are many songs of her which we can relate her past love life. In 2019 Selena revealed that she’s still single and she focusing on her career rather than investing her time in a healthy relationship. Well, the story of Jelena is a controversial topic of all the times our generation has discussed, respectively.

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