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Season 2 Of Undercover Official Trailer Released By Netflix?! See Here!!

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To begin with, an official’s trailer of Undercover Season: 2 has been dropped by Netflix. Moreover, the crime-drama show is set to return with its second part.

The first season of the show had a total of 10-episodes in it. And was premiered on February 24, 2019, on Belgium TV station Eén. However, it aired on May 3, 2019, on the giant streaming platform, Netflix. Moreover, Netflix renewed the show for the season: 2.

Here is everything we know about the upcoming season of Undercover.

Undercover Season 2: Release Date On Netflix And New Trailer (Watch Here)
Source:- Netflix

When will Undercover Season: 2 release?

Some of our sources reported that the show will on premiere on September 6, 2020, for the viewers in the Netherlands.

However, for the viewers across the globe. The upcoming season of the show is scheduled to release on November 8, 2020. On the show will stream on the giant, Netflix.

Is there any official trailer of Undercover Season: 2?

Netflix has recently dropped an official trailer of the show. It revealed the storyline and plot of the upcoming season.

Here is the trailer-

An expected plot of Undercover Season: 2

To begin with, the series Undercover is a 2019 crime-drama web TV series. It is a Belgian-Dutch show, originally in Dutch-language. Besides, the plot of the show is inspired by real-life events/stories. That is, where a team of undercover agents invades & carry a narcotic operation in the Netherlands. However, the operation is mainly carried by two agents. Namely, Kim de Rooij (played by Anna Drijver) and Bob Lemmens (played by ‘Tom Waes’). Through the plot, they pretended to be a married couple and lived. At the place where their target used to spend his weekends.

Besides, the upcoming season is expected to have it’s focusing on ammunition.

In addition, the upcoming season will be full of thriller, emotion, humor & drama. Therefore making the fans excited.

An expected team/cast of Undercover Season: 2

To begin with, the upcoming season will have-

  • Tom Waes playing as Bob Lemmens,
  • star Anna Drijver playing the role of Kim De Rooij,
  • Frank Lammers playing as Ferry Bouman,
  • star Elise Schaap playing the character of Danielle Bouman,
  • Raymond Thiry playing as John Zwart.


  • star Robbie Cleiren playing the role as Marc Gevers,
  • Manou Kersting playing the character of Nick Janssens,
  • star Katrien De Ruysscher playing as Liesbeth Mertens,
  • Huub Smit playing the role of Dennis de Vries,
  • star Lieke van den Broek playing as Sonja van Kamp,
  • Sara De Bosschere playing as Lena Vandekerckhove,
  • star Kevin Janssens playing Jurgen van Kamp,
  • Kris Cuppens playing as Walter Devos,
  • star Nina Mensch playing the role of Jezebel van Kamp,
  • Emma Verlinden as Polly Lemmens,
  • star Warre Verlinden the character of David Lemmens.
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