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Scream 5 Scheduled For Release In 2022 Know Here

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The long-running American horror movie franchise. The movie Scream was created by Kevin Williamson. The movie has already scared lots of audiences with its amazing storyline in its past hit four films. The four parts of the Scream has been directed by none another than Wes Craven.

The previous movie Scream four was released almost nine years ago on 11th April 2011 since then the wait for the fifth part is on. But now the wait is almost over for the lovers of horror because their favorite Scream is all set for the comeback. Here we will provide you every information regarding the upcoming Scream 5:

Is the movie Scream got its renewal for the fifth run?

Well, the answer is yes the movie was already in the plan for not only the fifth part but also for the sixth one. Back in 2011, the creator of the movie Kevin Williamson announced that the Scream 4 hit will be followed by Scream 5 and Scream 6.

So be ready to be horrified with the upcoming fresh new installment of Scream in the hit franchise.

Scream 5 Teaser Announces Release Date and the Return of Ghostface
Source: Movieweb

The official release date of the Scream 5:

We have to see some delay in the release of the fifth installment of the film. Scream 5 is now got scheduled for the year 2022 for its release. The movie was previously planned for next year (2021) release but because of the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus as it stopped the production of the film.

Therefore Paramount has decided to release the fifth installment of the Scream on 14th January 2022.

Do we have any official trailer for the Scream 5:   

No, right now we don’t have any official trailer for the fifth part of Scream from the makers or the producers.

Who all are in the cast of upcoming Scream 5:

  • David Arquette as Dewey Riley
  • Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott
  • Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers
  • Jenna Ortega
  • Melissa Barrera
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