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Say I Do: Has Netflix Renewed The Show For The Next Installment?

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The series Say I Do is an American origin web TV series. It is a 2020 reality television show series created by Queer Eye‘s David Collins. The series is premiered on the giant streaming platform, Netflix.

The plot of the series “Say I Do” begins with the hosts of the reality show, Thai Nguyen, Jeremiah Brant, and Gabriele Bertaccini. These people help different couples by planning a surprise wedding. the storyline of the show revolves around the life of 8 couples who are about to get surprise dream wedding planned by these experts.

Say I Do is premiered on July 1, 2020, on the giant streaming platform, Netflix. However, this was the first season of the series Say I Do with a total of 8 episodes in it.

Will the series have another season?

Since the show is premiered now. Therefore, so No news about the show renewal is yet known. But the fans expect the show to be renewed. Because the creator David Collins officially renewed his another show Queer Eye for 6th season.

Netflix's Say I Do: Deserving Couples Get Their Dream Wedding ...
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Expected release date of Say I Do Season: 2

At present, it is nearly impossible to predict anything regarding the renewal of the show. Because we don’t have any schedule for the show filming. In addition, the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19 has affected the world. Filming in many parts of the world is temporarily stopped to avoid the spread of the virus. And the show Say I Do is all about the wedding and is filmed around the country entirely. However, the show is not yet officially. Therefore, making any prediction is very difficult.

Expected reason for the show renewal

The hosts of the show help the couples by planning their dream wedding. Thai Nguyen is a designer, therefore take care of the custom-made outfits of the couple. Jeremiah Brant is an interior designer, therefore make space and area look spiffy. Lastly, Gabriele Bertaccini is a Chef, thus prepares the food.

Firstly, Thai Nguyen said, “We feel proud at each and every ceremony for being able to do something for these worthy couples“. In addition, he said how lucky he was to be able to do this in his life.

Thai Nguyen calls Jeremiah Brant & Gabriele Bertaccini, his co-hosts his “brothers“. Besides, he called the second season of Say I Do a challenge. And said they’ll do when they will be able to do it.

Some of our close sources reported that Jeremiah Brant is very passionate about renewing the show “Say I Do”. He considers it his dream job. And will be impressed to do as many 10 seasons of the show. Therefore, the show renewal can be expected.

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