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Riverdale Season 5: Netflix Has Revealed The Release Date Possibilities? Here’s What We Know!!

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The American show Riverdale is officially renewed for a sequel.

Be ready to enjoy another season of insanity. And to watch the new season Riverdale with season 5. In the month of January, The CW confirmed to renew a bunch of shows. Besides, this teen drama show was also renewed.

The latest season of Riverdale, that is Riverdale Season: 4 got ended abruptly. As the show was suspended. To avoid the spread of the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19. Despite being planned to release more episodes. Only 19 were released. The fourth season ended with the final year of their school life.
Following ae the details, we know about the upcoming season of Riverdale
Riverdale: Season 5 Updates Every Fan Should Know
Source: The Buzz Paper

When will the show return?

The show Riverdale was already renewed for a sequel in the month of January.

To begin with, Riverdale season 5 was scheduled to release in October 2020. But the ongoing pandemic has affected the whole world and has temporarily halted the filming industry. Therefore, delaying the release date. The creators have now rescheduled the release date to somewhere in January 2021. Besides, the show will premiere at 8:00 PM ET on Wednesdays. However, the show will stream on CW on Wednesdays at the given time. Whereas will stream globally on Netflix from the next day, that is Thursday.

The production of the upcoming season 5 is delayed. Since the show is filmed in Vancouver. And the government of Canada is clueless to decide till when the restrictions will remain. Therefore making the show delay.

An expected storyline of Riverdale Season: 5

*Spoilers Alert*

The upcoming season will begin with wrapping the story of Season: 4. This will include the story/mystery of the unfortunate/sinister videotapes. Besides, the show will have a time-jump in it (that is rumored to be of 5-years). This time-jump will result in taking the story further. By making the characters to be graduated. Character Jughead goes to the this University of Iowa. While Archie will end up going to the U.S. Naval Academy. Veronica will go to Barnard College in New York (USA) (making the possibility of a Katy Keene crossover). And Betty goes to Yale.

Yet, fate will bring them back to Riverdale.

Some of our close sources reported that star Marisol Nichols & Skeet Ulrich will leave the Riverdale after the release of the fourth season. However, they are now expected to return in the fifth season. To wrap and complete the story of Season: 4.

The story might follow the killing of any one of them. Moreover, this can be the reason for the return of the Archie along with all other characters. This will only be revealed once the show releases.

An expected list of episodes in Riverdale Season: 5

The upcoming season will be released in January 2021. Besides, the first three episodes of season 5 are set to wrap up the story of the season: 4 (as they are the remaining episodes of the season: 4). Ted Sullivan revealed it, in responding to a fan who asked about the remaining episodes of Season: 4. Ted tweeted: “You’ll see the remaining episodes. Take no worries. Furthermore, just wait for the upcoming season: 5”.

It makes the possibility of the season: 5 having fewer episodes. this usually has a total of 22-episodes in it. But the Coronavirus outbreak might affect the list of episodes. The total number of episodes in the upcoming season is still a mystery as no announcements are yet made.

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