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Resident Evil Season 1: What’s The Arrival And Production Status Of Netflix’s New Show?

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To begin with, Resident Evil is one of the most heard names among every aged group. It is a Japnese media franchise that involves films, PC & Computer games, and comics, etc. Moreover, all the films of the Resident Evil franchise were listed in the highest-earning list.

Furthermore, there is a piece of good news for the fans. And if I say that Resident Evil is soon going to launch. Are you getting  Excited? Let us discuss all the details we know about the franchise. The film is reported to now have a TV series. Besides, the giant has uncovered that they will soon be making a live-action series of the Resident Evil series.

Andrew Dabb is an American writer and Resident Evil is in his favorite collection. Andrew revealed Resident Evil to be his favorite game. Also, he spends most of his free time playing it. Later, after a film is based on this game. Resident Evil got even more recognition and created a huge fanbase. The fans were asking for a second section of the film. However, destiny has something different for it.

Will the Resident Evil Series release on Netflix

It is one of the best news for all the Resident Evil fans who are actively waiting for the show to return. As we are happy to inform you all that the giant, Netflix has officially given greenlit to the first grand new season to the show, Resident Evil.

In August, August 27, 2020, Netflix stated that the live-action drama, the Resident Evil series is under production and is in the turn of events. Moreover, Andrew Dabb is the screenwriter of the show. Besides, he is actively involved in writing the content of the series.

Moreover, Andrew Dabb is the chief maker of the show by Bronwen Hughes. As he will be coordinating with the first two episodes of the show. Moreover, Netflix has reportedly collaborated with Constantin Film. As it additionally released the Resident Evil movie.

When will Resident Evil Season: 1 air on Netflix?

At present, no official release date of Netflix’s Resident Evil is yet known.

The upcoming show is already in its phase of development. As the writers are actively working on the content. Moreover, the filming and production work of the first season of Resident Evil has already begun. According to sources, the production work of the upcoming season already started in June 2020. However, due to the ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus. The production team and Netflix are facing several unusual & major issues with their shootings.

Resident Evil Netflix Series Confirmed: Learn Story Details – /Film
Source:- Slash Films

Moreover, the show was initially given thumbs up in the year 2017. Since then, no official confirmation was ever made due to some inconvenience with production teams. However, the giant has ordered Resident Evil Season 1 now. No official release date of Netflix’s Resident Evil is yet known. Therefore, the release will be a big mystery.

However, we expect the show to air before the year 2022.

Production details for Resident Evil Season: 1

The production of the show was reported of already started by June 2020.

However, the ongoing pandemic, that is COVID-19 has affected the whole world. Besides, it has been delayed as of now. Moreover, the show is scheduled to release before 2022.

Other major details of the show

The series is expected to be set on two timetables. Firstly, we will be able to see the story of two sisters, named Jade and Billie Wesker. They are going to the New Raccoon City in the storyline. In the course of the plot, the sisters later discover that their dad is hiding some mysterious dark secrets that are evil enough to destroy the world.

The Casting team of Resident Evil Season: 1

In the upcoming Resident Evil by Netflix, the following actors are known to cast-

  • Milla Jovovich,
  • Ryan McCluskey,
  • Michelle Rodriguez,
  • Eric Mebius.

Besides, many more actors will also cast in the show, as they will be seen in Resident Evil Season 1.

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