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Producer Jon Landau Shares The Avatar 2 Set Photos!! Watch Here!!

To begin with, the Avatar’s next installment film, Avatar: 2 is seemingly in development. As the creators of the film have now resumed the production again. Besides, the producer, Jon Landau, as well as the production team are providing some of the behind-the-scenes photos of the production. That is from New Zealand’s set of production. Moreover, these photos are particularly in Aliens-y and are in a cool way.

Avatar 2 is also known as James Cameron’s Avatar 2. It is an upcoming American origin film. The film, Avatar: 2 is a science-fiction film and action drama film. That is directed and produced as well as edited and co-written by James Cameron. Furthermore, the upcoming film, Avatar: 2 is the second film in the Avatar franchise. Where the first Avatar film was released in the year 2009.

The Avatar 2 Set Photos!! Watch Here!!

To begin with, Landau has recently shared a pair of photos of the sequel film. One of the photos features Garrett Warren, who is a 2nd unit director. In the photo, producer Jon Landau was seen giving “some notes before a taking” to a stuntman named Steve Brown.

Moreover, this was not available in the first installment of the film. Moreover, it looks like the evil Research Development Administration is now even more sinister at this time around.

However, in the second photo among the released photos, some RDA guys are seen. They are in their traditional gas masks. This is happening because as we all recall. That the place’s Pandora air is toxic air for the humans. Besides, in the scene, while firing some massive guns at something unknown. That will unquestionably be added later by the wizards at the Weta Digital. The Industrial Light & Magic, Digital Domain. Or at one of the other visual effects vendors, whose blood and sweat, as well as tears, has made the first film a ravishing visual feast.

If you haven’t seen the post yet, here it is for you-

Details about the pictures

To begin with, the most interesting thing about Landau sharing these particular shots is that. Cameron has notoriously opposed to the second unit of the photography. And an ethos that he has passed along to his pal named Guillermo del Toro. In the year 2014, del Toro has said of Cameron’s philosophy. He revealed that: according to Cameron, if the recordings and footage of the upcoming second unit are bad, then it is a piece of bad news. Besides, when it’s good, it is worse news for him.’ This happens because you didn’t get to enjoy the shooting of that shot.” Moreover, Del Toro also has taken this to his heart and for shooting everything in his films.

When will Avatar 2 release?

The creators have planned the film to release in the year 2020. The present release date is December 16, 2022.

Moreover, hopefully, Landau will keep taking and posting these photos. So as to keep everyone in the loop.

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