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Outer Banks Season 2: Has Production Resumed Yet? Details Inside!!!

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To begin with, it is the best news for all the Outer Banks fans as the show is reported of resuming its production work. As the filming of the show has now begun in South Carolina! Moreover, the casting team of the show has recently confirmed it by using their social media handles.

The show, Outer Banks is an American origin web TV series. It is a teen drama action-adventure web television series with a thrill in it. Besides, the show was created by Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke. Moreover, in July 2020, the series was renewed for a second season.

Besides, the first season of the show, Outer Banks aired this year, on April 15, 2020. Although the show released during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, it was a major hit show. Besides, it is considered as on the best show on Netflix in the year 2020 so far.

Has the show renewed?

It is a big YES as the giant officially confirmed the show renewal in July 2020.

Although no information was provided by the giant about the renewal of the show for two straight months after the first season was released. In the month of July 2020, the giant revealed and confirmed the show renewal for season 2.

Moreover, a photo was posted by the “outerbanksnetflix” Instagram account. The photo was captioned with “Outer Banks has been renewed for Season 2!!

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Has the production begun?

In the month of July 2020, Netflix officially announced the show renewal. Although the things were catching up for behind the scenes of the show. No details were known about the production work.

But sources reported that the things were set up in order to start the production and filming work on August 31, 2020.

Moreover, the cast of the show also confirmed the show production by posting on their social media accounts. That mainly includes Instagram and Twitter.

Chase Stokes, who was one of the main casting team members posted a picture on Instagram. The post confirms the cast return to the production and filming work.

Moreover, Jonathan Daviss also posted on Twitter. He wrote about being on the first day of the shoot of the show.

When will the show release?

At present, ‘No’ official release date is yet known. Although the production work has already begun. Yet we don’t know how long the production & filming of the show is supposed to last.

Everybody is hoping that the production of the second season goes smoothly during this rough time of the pandemic. Also, everyone involved & associated with production is able to remain healthy & safe. And if it happens, then there will be no long delays.

Moreover, if everything goes as the production team has planned, then Outer Banks season 2 will be available on Netflix next year, in 2021. For now, expect the release date to be in August or September 2021.

An expected casting team of Season: 2

At present, most of the casting team is expected to cast from the season: 1. The stars from the season: 1 includes-

  • Chase Stokes playing the character of John B, the ringleader of the Pogues,
  • Madelyn Cline playing the character of Sarah Cameron. The daughter of Ward Cameron and John B’s love interest,
  • Madison Bailey playing the character of  Kiara (also known as “Kie”). She is the daughter of a successful restaurant owner who hangs out with the Pogues,
  • Jonathan Daviss playing the character of Pope, the brains of the Pogues,
  • Rudy Pankow playing the character of JJ. He is playing as the loyal best friend of John B’s since the third grade,
  • star Austin North playing the role of Topper, Sarah’s ex-boyfriend,
  • Charles Esten playing the character of Ward Cameron. He is playing as Sarah’s father, who is a wealthy business owner. He lives in Outer Banks (on the wealthier part of it) known as “Figure Eight,”
  • star Drew Starkey playing the character of Rafe Cameron, Sarah’s older brother,

Moreover, Deion Smith who played as Kelceis is also expected to return as Rafe’s friend.

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