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Nutty Professor Reboot Movie Under Production Details Here!!!

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To begin with, The Nutty Professor looks to get the reboot treatment. Moreover, the film, The Nutty Professor is getting its reboot. From the production company, and will get it from behind “Scream 5.

Furthermore, Project X principals include William Sherak along with Paul Neinstein, and James Vanderbilt were reported. To have bought all the rights of the 1963 film. However, The Nutty Professor was remade in the year 1966. Moreover, the remake film starred Eddie Murphy in it.

Besides, in the film, Jerry Lweis portrayed as a nerdy college professor. Furthermore, he was the person who created a drink/potion, that transformed him into a sophisticated hipster. And was now named as ‘Buddy Love’. Now, he likes one of his students, played by Stella Stevens. Moreover, Lewis directed it from the script. And he co-wrote it along with Bill Richmond. It was written as a caricature of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, entitled Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in the year 1886.

However, presently, no actors. Or directors are yet attached to the remake.

Is the film getting renewed?

To begin with, the iconic film entitled The Nutty Professor is getting a reboot. And with will be created with the production company, named Project X Entertainment.

Moreover, along with The Nutty Professor, Project X Entertainment is also reviving another film franchise. That is, the 1963 film franchise named “The Scream.” The creators are renewing the film for the fifth installment, with the fifth sequel of it.

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Other details about the upcoming film

Film historians consider this 1963 film, entitled The Nutty Professor. As Lewis’s one of the best and most memorable films ever.

Moreover, in the year 2004, this film was also selected for conservation in the National Film Registry. The selection was done by the Library of Congress. It was selected for being historically, culturally, and aesthetically significant.

Moreover, Eddie Murphy’s version in 1966 starred Jada Pinkett Smith in it. The Nutty Professor was a box office super hit film. Besides, the film grossed over $274 million (USD) worldwide. In the film, Murphy portrayed seven different characters. After which, Universal also released a sequel, entitled as “Nutty Professor II: The Klumps,” in the year 2000.

Project X Entertainment’s Vanderbilt, along with Sherak. And Neinstein is producing the upcoming film, entitled “Scream 5.” This film will have David Arquette and Courteney Cox in it. And will be set to reprise their roles in the franchise. However, the filming is expected to begin later this year. After the pandemic situation in under control. Besides, the filming will occur in Wilmington, N.C.

The original cast member of The Nutty Professor

  • Jerry Lewis playing as Professor Julius F. Kelp. Also Buddy Love and Baby Kelp,
  • Stella Stevens playing as Stella Purdy,
  • Del Moore playing the role of Dr. Mortimer S. Warfield
  • Kathleen Freeman playing the character of Millie Lemmon
  • Howard Morris playing as Mr. Elmer Kelp
  • Elvia Allman playing the role of Mrs. Edwina Kelp
  • Julie Parrish playing the character of the College Student
  • Milton Frome playing as Dr. M. Sheppard Leevee
  • Buddy Lester playing as the role of a Bartender,
  • Med Flory playing as the football player, named Warzewski,
  • Richard Kiel playing as Bodybuilder.
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