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Netflix In Multi years Deal With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle; Details Inside

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To begin with, the couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have set their visions on streaming, Netflix. Since the couple (royal-couple) has officially signed a deal with Netflix.

Earlier this year, the royal couple have moved to California. Besides, they have been pitching different TV shows & films around in Hollywood. Moreover, sources reported that the couple has signed a multi-year deal with Netflix. Furthermore, they will make shows including different documentaries. Along with feature films and scripted television shows. Besides, the couple will also make children’s series.

The Couple’s response

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said in a statement: “Our life is independent. Besides, we both, as individuals are independent of each other. Besides, we have allowed ourselves to understand the real power of the human spirit. Moreover, as a couple, we both need flexibility, courage, and the need for each-others connection. Furthermore, we will follow with our work with diverse communities along with their environments. And then to shining the light on different people globally as well as causes it around the world. Besides, our main focus will be on creating different content that not only informs people but also gives them hope.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sign multi-year Netflix deal | Netflix | The  Guardian
Source: The Guardian

The couple’s main focus

The couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will focus on creating a different & wide variety of series. Besides, it will include different stories and different issues that are close to the couple’s heart. Also, such contents will be created that are newly formed non-profit. And it will highlight. Some of our sources revealed that Several projects are already in development. And the list includes a nature docuseries as well as an animated series that is centered on inspirational women.

The royal couple said in an interview: “We, as parents should always be making inspirational family programming. As it is also very important to us. Since it is a powerful way of storytelling, through the truthfulness and relatable means. Besides, we both are pleased to work with the team of Netflix. As their unprecedented & unique reach will help us to share impactful content.”

Other Major details

The couple, the Duke and the Duchess wants to highlight diverse voices. That will be behind and in front of the camera. Besides, the couple is committed to having various hiring practices for the key roles at their production company.

Besides, the royal couple has globally inspired millions of people. The people were inspired by the couple’s authenticity, leadership, and optimism. Netflix chairperson also said: “We, the team are proud that we chose them. Besides, we all are very excited about telling stories with them. As that can help to develop flexibility and increase understanding for the audiences everywhere.”

Moreover, the giant, Netflix has attracted a very long list of top talents in recent years.

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