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Money Heist Season 5: Netflix Confirmed The Renewal Of The Show? Detail Inside

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The series Money Heist (also famous as La Casa De Papel, meaning The House Of Paper). It is a crime drama, thriller, with a Heist in it. It was created by Spanish director Alex Pina and had the open theme ‘My Life Is Going On’ by Cecilia Krull. Four seasons of the are premiered till now. Firstly, Season: 1 was premiered on May 2, 2017. The show is about a group of people who perform Heist planned by the character ‘Professor’. The latest renewed season was the fourth season, released on April 3, 2020. The series ”Money Heist” also won the title for most-watched non-English TV series on Netflix.

Season: 4 ended with many questions and had a suspense ending. In addition,  making the fans wonder if series will renew for the fifth time?  Money Heist season five has not officially announced, but as the most popular Netflix series globally, expected to return to finish the loose end story of Season: 4. it was ranked in best three, on April 6, 2020.  It is unlikely that the creators will pull back the show.

Will the show renew?

Practically, YES, officially No. Money Heist is expected to return on Netflix with its Money Heist Season 5. NO official statements are yet made but the suspense ending of the series, making it clear the return of the show. Also, after the huge success of the previous seasons, anybody will think about the show return.

What is known about the storyline of  Money Heist?

The first two seasons of the show is about a well-planned heist, performed at Royal Mint by the Professor‘s team, and how they flee away. Followed by the next season, in which, one member of the professor’s gang is caught. Season: 3 and later seasons are based on how the mastermind, Professor rescues him.

Money Heist Season: 4 ended with professor rescuing Lisbon (also known as Raquel Murillo) and planning the safe escape plan for his team. But, the series ended by Alicia Sierra (inspector in charge) discovering Professor.

What will the Professor do?

The climax of Money Heist Season: 4 made the fans wonder how he will tackle the situation, making the urge for renewal of the show.

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