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Money Heist Season 5: Is It?? Professor Might Die In The Show? Hint Given By Alvaro Morte

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A Netflix original Spanish show Money Heist has already been a great hit of Netflix.

Money Heist has gained lots of popularity from day one of its releases not only in Spain but in other countries also. Everyone loved the role of the Professor in the series his calm nature and super-intelligent mind made the audience fall in love with the character.

Money Heist’s first two seasons story revolves around the heist in the Royal Mint where they are printing their own money with the bunch of the robbers. The master plan of the heist was made by the professor where the golden rule was not to make any personal relationship with each other which has been already broken by the Tokyo and Rio and also by the professor himself who fell in love with the Raquel who was the investing inspector of the royal mints heist.

Spoiler alert:

After Berlin, Nairobi, Mosco, And Oslo maybe Professor can die in season 5

There are some rumors that the professor can die in season 5 of Money Heist.

Professor’s role is played by Alvaro Morte who has given the hint that may his character is going to die in the next season of the show.

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Source:- Autofreak

Is season 5 is going to be the last for The Professor?

In every season we have seen that the story takes a major twist and turns no one can assume in advance that what is going to happen next. Many of the major characters have already been dead in the past 4 seasons and now the main character The Professor dead rumors are in the market because without him there is no Money Heist anymore he is the most clam and intelligent person in the whole gang and the leader of the heist too.

In the statement with the sources Alvaro Morte confessed:

That he is aware his comment is going to make him unpopular. Professor was the weird shy and lonely guy. If we talk about the end of the character, I think in a moment, I want him to return to that loneliness, the lonely life that he uses more, and feels more comfortable with him.

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