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Money Heist Season 5: Gets Greenlight For Renewal At Netflix For One Last Time!!

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One of the most popular series of the present time, Money Heist (Spanish name La Casa De Papel) is officially renewed for its fifth installment. And has been given greenlight for the fifth season. Besides, this fifth season will be the last season of the show. This renewal was announced by the giant streaming platform, Netflix. It’s social media accounts revealed the details.

The production of all of Netflix’s series was stopped to avoid and prevent the spread of Coronavirus. However, Money Heist’s sequel’s filming is expected to start from Monday, August 3. In the next week.

When is the show renewed?

The show is officially renewed on July 31, 2020. The official social media handles of Netflix revealed the news.

To begin with, a picture of a broken Dalí mask was posted. It was lying on the ground, with dust over it. And the caption read: “The final (fifth) part. Do have your masks ready. For the last time. The robbery/heist comes to an end. #MoneyHeist Part 5 confirmed”.

Major details about Money Heist Season: 5

To begin with, a release date for the final part of Money Heist has not yet been declared. Due to the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19. A particular date is not yet decided. Despite this, the giant gave greenlit the final season. It also announced that filming of the upcoming season will begin in the first week of August. That is, on Monday, August 3, 2020.

The upcoming season is expected to have a total of 1-episodes in it. Besides, the creator once said: “We, the team wonder how to stop the gang? How to put on the professor on a line? How to create situations & circumstances that of irreversible? Especially for the professor. The result of our efforts and Professor’s fate will be seen in Money Heist season: 5. The ongoing war between the Professor’s gang and the country will reach an extreme level. This upcoming season will be epic, savage, and exciting, for sure.

An expected plot of Money Heist Season: 5

*Spoilers Alert*

No official plot is yet revealed. However, the fans expect a lot more in the upcoming season.

Money Heist (LaCasa de PapelSeason: 4 ended with a thriller ending. To begin with, the Professor assigns his team to rescue/save Lisbon while she was being transferred to the prison. He used old security camera images and a kidnapped body double. As per his plan, Lisbon gets free. And is taken to the rooftop/terrace of the Bank of Spain. There she meets & reunites with her gang. Moreover, the policemen realized very late, that the helicopter arrived at the roof was not official. But was of Professor’s plan. However, at the moment, the gang swear to finish everything ‘for their teammate Nairobi’ as she was killed. By Gandía, bank’s & Governor’s chief of security.

When Will Money Heist Season 5 Be Released? Has Netflix Renewed ...
Source:- Small Screen

While the Professor is celebrating Lisbon’s return. In the meantime, someone arrives at the professor’s hideout. The professor is aghast to see Inspector Alice Sierra behind him. As soon as she was fired due to her outlawed action were revealed and exposed to the world. This has to lead her to a dispute against the professor. And she can go too far due to her vendetta.

In this case, the Professor (also known as Sergio) will have to trick and defeat Sierra. Besides, Lisbon will have to plan different ways to ‘melt’ the gold with the maximum speed.

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