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MCU have Plans For Thane: The Son Of Thanos?? Details Revealed

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MCU showed us that Thanos way the main villain of the movie and also the most powerful. His ideologies were most different from the rest of the 23 movies villain we have seen before.

Thanos wants to save the universe by vanishing half of the population from the planet. He uses to think that by this he can make a better place to live for the rest half of the population.

After the battle of Avengers: Endgames Thanos vanished by the great sacrifices of the Iron Man aka Tony Stark. Fans of the MCU thought that it is the end of the great villain as well as great superheroes after Endgame.

But there is a but from the sides of MCU, they have some different plans and lots of surprises for the fans.

Marvel Cinematic Universe planing the grand entry of Thane the biological son of Thanos. It is been said that he is going to be one step ahead of his father. And after the death of Thanos, it’s been logical to show his son as a villain for the upcoming Marvel movies in Phase 4.

Avengers: Infinity War: Will Thane Son Of Thanos Debut In MCU? | CBG
Source: Comic Book Galaxy

About the Thanos son Thane

After Iron Man snapped his finger, Thanos, with his army got vanished. But MCU told that Thanos also had a son named Thane. It was a secret that Thanos had an inhuman son.

According to some sources when Thanos came to now that he also had a son who is half inhuman he immediately send The Black Order to kidnap his son. And as the search of his son began they end up on earth where Black Bolt got to now the existence of Thane.

Is Thane going to make an entry in upcoming MCU movies?

As we all know that after the war of the Endgame there is a shortage of the great villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Therefore there are high chances of bringing him in future projects to fulfill the needs of the fans. Therefore it is sure that MCU have Plans for Thane.

As already we can see that they are bringing more and more members of the Titans family in MCU. Therefore stay tuned with The Scuttle Paper for further information.

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