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Mayans MC Season 3: How The Story’ Interlinked With Season 2? Plotline Revealed!!

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To begin with, Mayans MC has been already renewed for Season: 3. Besides, the upcoming season is expected to have its storyline linked with the previous season of Mayans MC.

Besides, FX’s Mayans MC is an American-Mexican origin web series. It is a crime drama action television series. Director Kurt Sutter and Director Elgin James created the show. Besides, the first season of the show, Mayans MC premiered on September 4, 2018, on FX.

Moreover, FX’s Mayans MC storyline takes place in the fictional universe. That is the same as Sons of Anarchy. Besides, the story of the show deals with the plot of Sons’ rivals that who later turned into the allies who are the Mayans Motorcycle Club.

Firstly, FX released the first season of Mayans MC in 2018. Followed by Season: 2, a year later in 2019.

Has FX renewed Mayans MC for the Season: 3?

FX’s Mayans MC was already renewed for the season: 3 before the show aired its second season.

It is a big yes for all the Mayans MC fans as the show will return soon with the season: 3.

FX released the first season of the show on September 4, 2018. Followed by the second season, season: 2 a year later, on September 3, 2019. However, in the month of November 2019, FX officially renewed the show for the third season. As per sources, the third season will premiere somewhere in the year 2020.

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Source:- TV Guide

However, no official release date of FX’s Mayans MC is yet known.

The expected reason for the show delay is the ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus. It has affected the whole world, especially in the film industry. Besides, the filming and production work of many shows are temporarily halted to avoid the spread of the virus. Therefore, expect the show to return soon. However, any further information will be only provided once the show’s production resumes.

When will FX’s Mayans MC release?

The first season of Mayans MC was released in the month of September 2018. Followed by the second season in the month of September 2019. Therefore the fans now expect the show to return with the third season somewhere in September 2020.

However, since September is already started and no official release date is yet known. So we can assume that the show will not release in September 2020.

Though we can expect the release of Mayans MC in late 2020 before the year ends.

An expect plot and storyline of Mayans MC Season: 3

The second season of Mayans MC Season: 2 ended with a lot of suspense. As the confusion was created when a deceased body was found in the previously released season of the show.

Moreover, during the plot, Angel Reyes (played by Clayton Cardenas) revealed to the roots about his completion of plans of the shooting of that scene.

However, in the upcoming season, this suspense of the show is expected to be revealed. Besides, we will also get to know whose dead body is that. And how did he die?

How to watch the already released season of Mayans MC

To watch the already released episodes of the Mayans MC, we can watch it on Hulu plus live tv only. Since Hulu has a partnership between Disney along with the producers of this show.

The casting team of Mayans MC

FX’s show, Mayans MC has many stars in it. However, the following stars are in the lead role-

  • J. D. Pardo playing the character of Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes,
  • Clayton Cardenas playing as Angel Reyes,  the brother of Ezekiel,
  • Sarah Bolger playing as Emily Thomas, the childhood friend of Ezekiel,
  • Michael Irby playing as Obispo “Bishop” Losa.

Moreover, the show has-

  • Carla Baratta playing as Adelita. Who as a child watched her family dying by the hands of the Galindo cartel,
  • Richard Cabral playing as Johnny “El Coco” Cruz,
  • Raoul Trujillo playing as Che “Taza” Romero,
  • Antonio Jaramillo playing as Michael “Riz” Ariza,
  • Danny Pino playing as Miguel Galindo,
  • Edward James Olmos playing as Felipe Reyes.

Despite having the following actors in the show. Mayans MC also has many other stars in the recurring role.

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