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Matrix 4 Return Teased By Keanu Reeves: Sayings It Has Wonderful Storyline

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Just like their fans Keanu Reeves also not have the patience to see a movie on the big screen. As well we have known that the actor played the character of Neo in the science fiction action movie along with his co-star Carrie-Anne Moss who portrayed the character of Trinity. And very soon both stars will be back in the next installment of the movie Matrix 4.

Well, the actors and franchise of the Matrix 4 teases their return and said that it has the prettiest script with the wonderful plotline. In a current interview, Keanu revealed that there is more thing to do this movie and the script or its story attracts him rather than anything else, and then he decided to back in the next installment of the movie.

What is the reason which made Keanu returns for the movie?

Therefore, in a statement, Keanu praised the writer of the film and he told that Lana Wachowski wrote a beautiful script which is not doing by anyone else she’s the best writer he’s know in his life and this wonderful story of the movie resonated him too much. The exact reason to make this movie. Working with her again is just an amazing thing and he never misses this chance for anything.

Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss Doubted 'Matrix 4' Would Happen ...

Source: Indiewire.com

In the statement, Keanu revealed his feelings about the story of the movie Keanu thinks that it’s really special for him, and the story is, some consequential things to say and on that, we can suckle on. And after that, the same, co-star Carrie-Anne Moss revealed that she never thought it would happen again but it’s true and they both return confirmed as well. It was never on her hand too. However, she agreed with the Keanu Reeves statement on the script.

Other details of Matrix 4 Which you should know!!

Therefore, the Matrix first released back in the year 1997 and fans are excited to know when will be part 4 of the movie return their screen? To be honest we don’t know the exact date but after seeing its history we can be expected that the next part will happen in mid of 2021. Lana is again ready to direct the movie and it will be worth seeing the story of Matrix 4 but now we have to wait for any announcement related to it, respectively.

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