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Joker 2: What’s The Plans Of The Todd Phillips For The Sequel? Detail Inside

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Few decades back the cinema used to showcase itself in a way in which the hero has always been the good guy and villain used to be looked like a person who’s been cruel from the time of birth and also perspective of the audience was not different from this scenario.

But as of now(from the 90s onwards), both the glasses and the minds of the directors have changed, now the villain is also looked as well as framed in a capacity equivalent to hero. The best example of this could be seen in the film “Joker”(2019) directed by Todd Phillips with Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role.

It won numerous accolades including Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Actor at Academy Awards and it deserved these because of the extraordinary performance by Phoenix and of course the relatable story of a man dealing with depression. It is the 6th highest-grossing movie of 2019.

Joker 2 Will There Be A Sequel To Joker? All Questions You Have ...
Source: The Golden Coverage

When we can see the sequel of Joker?

A film like this deserved a sequel and the curiosity of the fans ended when an official announcement was made that Todd Phillips would be directing the movie and would also write the screenplay along with Scott Silver. The filming is delayed because of the global pandemic for around 2-3 months, otherwise, it was expected in October 2021. The Scuttle Paper is going to update you as soon as there is some news so stay tuned.

A glimpse of the movie

As we already saw in the movie that Bruce’s parents were killed, so this might have paved way for an appearance of Batman in the movie. We also got a hint about Arthur being a permanent killer when we saw the blueprints of Arthur’s foot in the credit scene. We also got a sense that Arthur and Bruce might be stepbrother, it would be both fun as well as interesting thing to watch in the movie. However, it can be seen that the fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel so the directors must do the things as soon as possible. Till then stay tuned.

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