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IT Chapter 3: Latest Updates And Major Possibilities From It!!

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The film IT is an American origin supernatural horror film. It is based on a 1986 novel named the same, that is, IT by Stephen King. The film is created by Andy Muschietti and was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Two films of the series It is released till now.

The first movie of the series  IT is also known as IT Chapter: 1 The Losers’ Club was released on September 8, 2017. The sequel of the film IT was premiered on September 6, 2019. The novel IT by Stephen King has been divided into 2 parts being fully covered by both the IT films. In addition, these two films have made the fans believe the story to end.

Will there be another sequel to IT?

After the release of the film in 2019, many questions regarding the making of It Chapter: 3 were asked. However, no official statements were made. The novel IT by Stephen King has been covered in the film. However, after the huge success of the two films, the distributor Warner Bros. Pictures might continue with the production of the film IT.

So, the It Chapter: 3 production and release can be expected.

An expected plot of IT Chapter: 3

The story of the film IT got ended with Chapter: 2. Therefore, IT Chapter: 3 is expected to be a prequel of the two premiered parts. In addition, the third part is expected to focus on the story of the origin of Pennywise. And also the brutal crimes committed by him before going to place Derry Losers.

IT Chapter 3: Possibilities, Theories, Plus More Latest Updates ...
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The expected release of IT Chapter 3?

Since the film is not officially renewed, therefore No official release date is yet known. The first two seasons had a gap of 2 years between their release date. So, it can be assumed that part 3 will be premiered at the end of 2021, or in early 2022. However, no assumptions can be made until the film officially renews.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19, the filming industry is temporarily stopped to avoid the spread of the virus. This may result in the delay of the film renewal.

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