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Is MCU Phase 3 & 5 Connected Through Secret Invasion?

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In an interview, Samuel L. Jackson revealed how the upcoming Secret Invasion series on Disney+ will link the events of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3 and Phase 5.

Recently Samuel L. Jackson shared how Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3 and 5 are tied through Secret Invasion as Secret Invasion revisits the tail end of the Infinity Saga, despite the fact it connects to the current storytelling of MCU’s. Since Infinity Saga was wrapped up almost four years ago, Marvel Studios has begun focusing on Multiverse Saga. 

Secret Invasion -
Marvel Cinematic Universe

In an exclusive interview, Jackson reveals how Secret Invasion, an upcoming Disney+ series, will tie the knot between The Marvels and Captain Marvel and even strengthen the knot among previous projects. The context of the series is how Nick Fury and Carol Danvers couldn’t deliver a new home to the Skrulls as promised three decades ago and the consequences of this act. Even Jackson added up: “This series has to happen anyway so that The Marvels can happen. All these are somehow connected to each other in an interesting way.” 

What To Expect From Marvel Secret Invasion?

MCU, known for its humor, will take a different approach this time with the Disney+ series. Secret Invasion is expected to be more severe than other Marvel Studios. All we can expect from the upcoming series is that Nick Fury and Talos the Skrull team are up for the first time to deal with the pair of nefarious shape-shifting aliens who had been infiltrating Earth for years. 

Below is the trailer for same:-

Previously, Secret Invasion was described by Marvel Studios as a cross-over event. Still, the latest statements of Samuel L. Jackson prove that the series would be a bridge between the events of Captain Marvel and The Marvels. Rather than that, it’s curious and exciting at the same time what other implications will be there when the franchise moves forward. It’s also shocking that Nick Fury and Talo’s battle against the Skrulls would end up with just a single season, or are there more seasons loading? 

It’s more exciting to see how Fury will tackle this burgeoning conflict without his team supporting him. Another fact that also fascinates them is fighting with the shape-shifting foes, which will surely make his job much trickier. Since the upset of the Multiverse Saga’s exploration of the different multiverse, seeing a grounded storyline is like a breath of fresh air for Marvel fans. 

When Is It Happening?

Disney+ series Secret Invasion is all set to premiere on 21st June 2023. The series is set to have six episodes, followed by events after Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Even fans would see Emilia Clarke in the series playing the character of G’iah, yet it is not the first time G’iah shows up. She was introduced back in Captain Marvel at the end of the film reunion scene set on a space station. 

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