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Is Aaron Paul ‘The Breaking Bad’ Star Going To Play Role In MCU?

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Aaron Paul is an American born actor (also known as Aaron Paul Sturtevant). He is one of the main characters of the series ‘Breaking Bad’, and is globally best known by his name in series, that is, Jessi Pinkman. He played the role of Pinkman for five seasons of the series. Later, he played the role of Caleb Nichols in the series Westworld Season: 3, which was telecasted on the giant streaming platform Netflix on 15th March 2020. Though many of his interviews never end without raising about the character, Jessi Pinkman of Breaking Bad.

Fans Expectation and Paul’s Reply

Fans of Aaron Paul want him to play more dramatic roles to boost up his fascinating personality, perhaps expecting him to work in a major franchise of films like MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe). In the series Breaking Bad, Paul played the type of role to uproarious acclaim, making the fans to wonder if he will play the role of Electro in the upcoming MCU movie and make the Electro a fantastic villain for the fans. Although, NO official statement is made by MCU or  Aaron Paul.

Some of our close sources reported that the star Aaron Paul is Not fascinated about working in the franchise MCU though it can act as a carrier reset for him, despite the fact he never said it clearly as he faced many carrier issues after the series Breaking Bad got ended.

Aaron Paul’s  Major Career Mistakes:

After the series ‘Breaking Bad’ got ended, Paul got many movies offers making him ready for his life ahead. Sadly, the movies Paul chose did not hit the BOXOFFICE and flopped, the first of which was Need for Speed which was released too close to the superhit movie series Fast & Furious, hence was knocked off by it.

Later, he continued by appearing in a film named Exodus: Gods and Kings, which was created by Ridley Scott having biblical genre. This too was super flopped and other movies too flopped making his carrier questionable.

Breaking Bad Movie: Aaron Paul Hopes Return as Jesse Pinkman Would ...
Source: The Wrap

Paul’s Focus and Preference in Present Date:

A year later, Aaron Paul did El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, in which he took the character Jessi Pinkman to the final stage, where he realized that his place loyalty lies in TV series. Though after those massive failures, he was offered for the role in a big film which he turned down, later become a successful hit. Nevertheless, the name of the movie was never revealed by the star, Aaron Paul.

There is no doubt that the MCU pays double the amount to any TV series or any other franchise.

Some of our close sources reported that Paul is happy doing TV series rather than big films whereas fans started asking about the placement and role of Paul in MCU suggesting roles such as The Hood. Till then, Paul has stood out of the league and considering his happiness. Later, Aaron Paul’s may change as per the scenario.


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