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Hyena Season 2: Renewal Updates? Release Date And Other Major Details About The Show

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“Hyena” is the freshest addition to Netflix’s collection of ever-growing Korean content. Hyena is a 2020 television series. It is a South Korean TV series written & developed by Kim Roo-Ri & Jang Tae-Yoo. And produced by Jo Su-won under the production company KeyEast. It was distributed under SBS production and was released by SBS TV. However, is streaming globally on Netflix.

The story of the series Hyena begins with two best lawyers across the country. These lawyers take cases from the top 1% of people in society, the elites. Throughout the series, these lawyers go against each other with the intention of winning their cases. They do all possible things to prove the other wrong. In addition, they used all illegal methods and means to attack the other despite being a couple and dating each other. The name Hyena is suggesting how they are ready to win over another.

Hyena was initially aired on February 21, 2020. The series has a total of 16 episodes in it, with the release of the last episode on April 11, 2020.

Will the series renew for another season?

The series maintained a suitable rating for its every episode consistently. In addition, all the episodes got a good response from the viewers. Therefore, there is a high probability that the creators will renew it for another season.

The expected return date of Hyena Season: 2

The first season of the Korean show Hyena was premiered on February 21, 2020, on Netflix. It received a good response from the viewers. However, the show is not yet officially renewed. But it is most likely that the creators will take the story for another season. The storyline of the lawyer engaging legally despite being a couple make the story interesting.

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However, the streaming platform, Netflix might renew due to its storyline and demand from the fans. In addition, Netflix is showing its interest in the K-dramas series, and in the South Korean TV series. Accordingly, convincing a sequel. The TV series are usually renewed after a year of the premier. Therefore, the Hyena: 2 is expected to be renewed in early 2021.

Similarly, Hyena Season 2 will be released in late 2021. Depending on the renewal of the show, as we discussed earlier.

Expected plot Hyena Season 2: Plot

Jung Geum Ja is a fearless lawyer, who prefer selecting his lawyers. Similarly, Yoon Hi Jae is a greedy man who lifts his collars in the process to expose his bucks in the entire area. Geum Ja’s strikes who is currently stained to Jee, being a suggestion shine. Which means she’s noticed shifting his story.

Cast of Hyena

Firstly, we have actors in the lead role-

  • Kim Hye-soo played as Jung Geum-Ja
  • Ju Ji-hoon played as Yoon Jae-hee

In addition, supporting actors including-

  • Lee Kyung-young playing as Song Pil-Jung
  • Kim Ho-Jung playing as Kim Min-Joo

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