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Here’s The Trailer Revealed From Netflix For Rising Phoenix A Documentary Based On Paralympic Games

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To begin with, an official trailer of Netflix’s upcoming documentary Rising Phoenix is released.

The giant streaming platform, Netflix is set to add another documentary film to its library. The upcoming documentary is entitled Rising Phoenix. Besides, the film based on the Paralympic Games.

The upcoming Netflix’s film, Rising Phoenix is created by Peter Ettedgui (McQueen) & Ian Bonhôte. Besides, the film is produced by John Battsek. Moreover, the documentary is about the Paralympics. That is about the history of the movement. Along with nearly unimaginable and unbelievable stories of marvelous & amazing athletes.

Through the film, the viewers will be provided with original interviews. That is from some of the world’s greatest Paralympians. That includes Italian Fencer Bepe Vio, who is also known as Rising Phoenix. Along with UK’s truly personal, sprinter named Jonnie Peacock. Along with a cameo from celebrities including Prince Harry, etc.

The official trailer of Rising Pheonix

An official trailer of the film is already released by Netflix. Besides, the trailer seems powerful & sturdy. Therefore, showcasing the unimaginable & incredible athletes, appearing in the film.

Watch the trailer below-

When will Rising Phoenix release?

The upcoming documentary is scheduled to premiere on August 26, 2020.

Besides, Rising Phoenix will be available to all the Netflix subscribers globally.

What is Netflix’s upcoming documentary ‘Rising Phoenix’ about?

Netflix’s upcoming documentary Rising Phoenix is named after Bepe Vio. Besides, the film resembles the people, of the world of Paralympics.

From the time of WWII to the time of the third biggest sporting event on the entire planet. Furthermore, this Paralympics sparked a global movement. And it changed the way of thinking of the people on the globe. As it changed the way people used to think of the inability, diversity & human potential.

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