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Here’s The Review For Netflix’s Lucifer Season 5 Is It Worth It To Watch!!!!

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To begin with, Lucifer season 5 is back with its hellishly yet good-looking devil. Besides, the show includes actors like Tom Ellis. Lesley-Ann Brandt, D.B. Woodside, and Lauren German.

Moreover, the giant streaming platform, Netflix took ownership of the shop from Season: 4. And is Present, Netflix is solely responsible for all the releases. The show now develops on the devil ‘Lucifer’ leaving hell. He comes to Earth and began solving different murder cases for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Have a look at of Lucifer Season: 5’s trailer

This trailer reveals the basic plotline of the show. Moreover, the trailer reveals about Lucifer having a twin brother, named Michael.

Major details about the season: 5

*Spoilers alert*

To begin with, Lucifer Season: 5 follows the plot as Lucifer Morningstar. As he is forced to return to Earth. He is forced due to the chaos created by his twin brother, named Michale. In this season, Tom Ellis is seen in a double role, as playing as Lucifer and Michael.

Moreover, the first part of Season: 5 consists of a total of eight episodes in it. The story begins with the plot as Lucifer Morningstar (who is Michael) is seen coming back from hell. Furthermore, initially, Michael appeared to be a nicer version of Lucifer. However, is way meaner & devil in reality. The initial episodes of the season are a build-up episode. In which, Lucifer (Michael) gains their trust. Yet he is looking for Detective Chole (played by Lauren German). Both Mazikeen and Ella Lopez are seen upset about Lucifer leaving for hell. However, this is the build-up for the upcoming seasons.

Lucifer season 5 part 1 review: Fans are in for a treat as Lucifer ...
Source- Daily Express

Moreover, in the second episode of the show, Michael was observed leaving hints. And being a depressed person in the show. And as it is a contrast ‘Lucifer’.

The devil, (Lucifer) returns back to the Earth. He returns in the third episode of the season. Moreover, Claudia focuses on the love between Lucifer and Detective. Instead of Lucifer’s well-loved puns from the past. However, Lucifer begins to solving a murder mystery with the detective.

The cast members of the latest season

The casting team includes the following members-

  • Tom Ellis,
  • Lauren German,
  • Kevin Alejandro,
  • D. B. Woodside,
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt,
  • Rachael Harris, etc.

Moreover, a total of 8 episodes are released in the fifth season. Besides, each season has a running time of an hour (approximately).

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