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Harry Potter Creator JK Rowling Again Faces Criticism!!! Know Why #RIPJKRowling Trending On Social Media??

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One of the most famous authors who gave birth to one of the most famous and amazing characters Harry Potter. The craze of Harry Potter is seen until now after so many years of completion. But after earning huge respect from people JK Rowling again got stuck in the dirty water on social media platform after launching her latest book.

JK Rowling is a British author, screenwriter, producer, and whatnot. She was born on 31st July 1965. JK Rowling was most known for her Harry Potter series that has been sold more than 500 million copies and won uncountable awards. But this time her book is giving her much trouble know everything about it right down below:

Is J.K. Rowling dead? Here's why #RIPJKRowling is trending on Twitter
Source: New York Post

All about the criticism of JK Rowling new book:

This time JK Rowling’s newly released book “Troubled Blood” is not working in her favor at all. The book is basically based on a murderer who is killing people by wearing clothes like a woman. But don’t know how people took the plot of the novel in another way of understanding.

The trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist theme of the book has been taken in another form of understanding. JK Rowling has severally clarified herself concerning transgendered people on Twitter multiples of time but failed and generated criticism for it on the platform.

How far people went criticizing JK Rowling?

Well, it sad but this time people went many steps ahead in criticizing the author and her book. Because this time just her name was not trending on Twitter but they made #RIPJKRowling trending on the internet for an hour worldwide.

How all of these began?

This all started when JK Rowling has tweeted in her support for Maya Forstater in December 2019 who has lost her job because of a transphobic tweet. And few months after that JK Rowling tweeted this:

Which eventually hit her image in the public.

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