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“Goodnight Mommy”: What Do We Know About The Upcoming Movie?

Naomi Watts To Star In Goodnight Mommy Remake

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Amazon Prime is set to terrorize its fans with its upcoming horror Goodnight Mommy remake…!!

Goodnight Mommy; the horror remake is prepared to hit the streaming platform. It was directed by Matt Sobel and produced by V.J Guibal, Nicolas Brigaud-Robert, Joshua Astrachan, and David Kaplan. This scary movie is about two young twins brother and their mask mommy, who had cosmetic surgery, and here the story begins.

Although back in 2014, the same name Austrian movie, Goodnight Mommy, got placed in one of the top 5 Foreign Language Films of 2015. And now, Amazon is ready with a remake of a psychological thriller movie for fans. But the dubiety is when it’s release? Do creators change the synopsis of this movie? So, scroll down below to find out more!!

When Is Remake Available To Stream?

Though the deadly Amazon Prime movie, Goodnight Mommy, is set to arrive on 16th September 2022 and also will be available to watch worldwide. The original creators of the Austrian 2014 hit psychological horror film Goodnight Mommy were Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala; as we know that when it comes to American remakes, Amazon never failed to impress their fans. Well, it will be worth seeing how much Naomi Watts and Crowetti twins will succeed in making this movie a hit. So mark this date to watch the anticipated movie this September.

Naomi Watts to Star in 'Goodnight Mommy Remake'
Image Credit: TheWrap

The Cast of Goodnight Mommy Remake:

Goodnight Mommy stars of the movie are:

  • Naomi Watts as Mommy
  • Peter Hermann as Father
  • Cameron Crovetti as Elias
  • Jeremy Bobb as Gary
  • Nicholas Crovetti as Lucas
  • Crystal Lucas-Perry as Sandy

Any Trailer?

Amazon prime has already released the final trailer of the movie. If you haven’t watched it yet so, look at the below:

The Expected Plotline:

Therefore, as we have said, this story is about two twin brothers who go to their mother’s homeland and are greeted by a woman whose face is wrapped in bandages. And she explains to them that it is the result of her recent cosmetic surgery. In the middle horror interrogation between the brothers and their mother in the film’s trailer, “Don’t you think something’s different?” one brother asks, and in reply “I don’t think that’s our mother,” the other responds. So, it’s clearly the movie’s synopsis is exactly the same as the previous one, with a few changes. So it’s condemnable to see how this movie will get high ratings from its viewers. If you have any suggestions and queries for us, so leave a comment below.

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