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Free Fire X Money Heist Collab Official Teaser Out PLAN BERMUDA

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In the world where mobile games are getting so popular that they have left computer games behind. Mobile games are not only popular in the younger generation but adults are also addicted to them. Mobile games are handy can play anywhere anytime and most importantly the experience of gaming is as good as computer games in some cases even better than that.

Seeing the popularity of the online mobile games the creators of shows and movies are not behind in promoting their product through collaborating with them. The same way Spanish massive hit long-running series Money Heist has shaken their hand with the popular online mobile game Garena Free Fire.

Detail about the Money Heist and Free Fire collaboration:

So “Are you ready to join the greatest heist” there is a video released on Free Fire India’s Official YouTube page. In the video, we see armed men from a tanker at sea wearing the iconic Money Heist mask Salvador Dali. In the video, we can see Tokyo’s character as the character of the game holding a gun and firing it.

In this collaboration, we also see the Plan Bermuda which indicates the improvement made on the current Bermuda Map. The whole video plays the song, Bella Chao one of the most famous song in Money Heist.

All about the series Money Heist:

Money Heist is one of the most popular series of Netflix. The show is not only famous in Spain but it has gained lots of fan following all around the world. Money Heist has already had 4 hit seasons with an extraordinary storyline. And all set for the fifth season fans are really eager for the upcoming season.

The story of the show revolves around the intelligent mind and the perfect plan of the lead character named Professor. The series showcases how a group of people executes the heist in Royal Mint with the brilliant mind of the professor.

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