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Explain How Your Favorite Harry Potter Is Scientifically Part Of A Marvel Universe!!!!

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Is most famous wizarding world series Harry Potter is the part of Marvel Universe? As well the Harry Potter series written by JK Rowling and this is the best selling international novel always. This series has seven-part which start with Philospher Stone and end with the Deathly Hallows.

The character of the book, Harry, Hermoine, Ron, the trio appeared in the pages of Excalibur, and they made a secret cameo in Marvel Universe. Sources confirmed that at the height of popularity the characters of the books made a secret cameo in MU. In this article, you find everything related to it so scroll-up here to find more about that.

Hogwarts Story Exists On Marvel Stories?

Additionally, in new Excalibur #3 by Chris Claremont, Rick Ketcham, Peter Pantazis, Michael Ryan, and Tom Orzechowski, in this Excalibur we read about the superteam battle with the evil versions of original X-Men squad. According to the rumors, in the book, there’s are kids who handle the fight with the evil X-Men, and fans supposed that these kids none other than are Harry, Hermoine, and Ron.

Harry Potter' apparently exists in the Marvel Universe - Manzil News

Sources: Manzilnews.com

Therefore, Claremont and Ryan don’t say anything about the cameo of the trio [Harry, Hermoine, and Ron]. Sadly, this not confirmed yet and there’s a little doubt about the cameo of characters they are exactly from the world of Wizarding series Harry Potter or not. But some important part of the cameo, all exceptionally confirmed that the Harry Potter story exists on Marvel Universe.

Voldemort Exists on Cameo too?

Well, if this trio exists on cameo so we can say that there are chances of Voldemort too exists on Marvel Universe. Though, this is the fun cameo of Harry Potter and his best friends Hermoine and Ron. In a cameo, Hermione screamed Harry as Marko and this kids are in London. So these things about the Marvel Universe cameo its enough to say that most popular Hogwarts and Wizarding World story characters are technically part of Marvel Universe. So for more further updates regarding it stay tuned with The Scuttle Paper, respectively.

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