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Dracula Season 2 What Are The Renewal Status? When It Is Landing On Our Screen

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Every fan wants to know that there will be a second season of Dracula or not? Your favorite horror series will end with its first season, three episodes. Dracula is developed by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat they are also the creators of Sherlock. And this is the story of the adapted from the novel which is written by  Bram Stoker. Are you excited to know about the future of the show? So without thinking so much Scroll-up here…

There will be season 2 or not?

Additionally, there will be no plans for the second season of Dracula neither BBC and nor Netflix confirmed anything about its renewal. If Dracula proves to be a hit so its not hard to say that Dracula will revive for the next season. Sources confirmed that there are many possibilities that Dracula Season 2 could be Sherlock’s replacement for the next installment as a series it internationally streaming on giant platform Netflix.

Dracula season 2 release date | Netflix and BBC potential cast ...

Sources: Radiotimes.com

When it’s release?

Though, Dracula’s first season will have expeditious hit on streaming platforms, so we can be expected that creators will have the second installment of the series. But melancholy there’s no confirmation by both BBC and Netflix. Dracula season first already arrived on 1st January 2020, if the creators follow the same pattern as they did for the Sherlock so season 2 of Dracula will arrive next year with the same date.


Nothing can be said about the cast, but if season 2 revive these stars will definitely return:

  • Claes Bang,
  • Dolly Wells,
  • Joanna Scanlan,
  • Sacha Dhawan and others.

The expected plotline of season 2?

Therefore, we know Dracula is an immortal villain of a horror series. And Dracula has been alive since the 15th century, well there’s no confirmation of the next adventure of the series. And the way of the season first end of Dracula didn’t give any hints because we know the vampire beauty even if the count is dead, he could be made it undead magically, and sadly we don’t know what will creators have for the next season but we sure that it will be interesting to see what they have for their viewers, and again for the further details stay tune with THE SCUTTLE PAPER, respectively.

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