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Despite Being Kardashian Kylie Jenner Make Herself Billionaire At a Young Age!! Things You Should Know About her!!

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This is the second time in a row, since 2019. That Kylie Jenner is labeled as the most junior ‘self-made’ billionaire. This was announced by Forbes in the year 2020. She was entitled with ‘rather than having her inherited wealth, she has built $1.2 billion fortune from herself”.

Despite being a Kardashian, she has set herself a new status. And labeled herself to be the youngest self-made billionaire in the whole world. She has earned over a 10-figure fortune at the age of 21 and earned global recognition.

Although Jenner considers her best-selling beauty business, known as ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ the reason for her fortune. People consider her not to be a self-made billionaire, but a billionaire as being from such a privileged family background.

She took her Instagram to handle to thank ‘Forbes’.

Is Kylie a Billionaire?

According to sources, Kylie is doubted to be a billionaire. An investigation proposes that Kylie overestimated her profitability Besides, has misled the world and Forbes since the beginning, which is 2016.

To begin with, Kylie Jenner established ‘Kylie Cosmetics ‘ in 2015. Besides, she claimed the brand to have generated over $400 million in revenue. In the initial 18 months time span. Besides, in November 2019, she has sold her company’s stakes, to beauty conglomerate Coty Inc. By signing a deal for $600 million. It has valued her company to be $1.2 Billion and making her youngest billionaire in the world.

Kylie Jenner tops Forbes Magazine's highest-paid celebrities list despite  not being a billionaire | Daily Mail Online
Source: Daily Mail

As per information, Forbes claimes the company to spread fake news. And considers that the company has never made such a huge profit. In addition, Kylie Cosmetics is suffering due to the ongoing global pandemic, COVID-19.

However, in an interview, she said: “the self-made information is real”.

And claimed her parents of telling her to make her future on her own when she was 15.

However, She added: “The thing is, I had a back support. A platform at the beginning. However,  none of this money is acquired from the family’s wealth.”

Here is the information regarding How she made her money

In the month of March 2019, Forbes has entitled her to be the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. She was 21-years old then.

Then, Forbes calculated and valued her company’s value to be $900 million (USD). When added her personal income, crossed $1 billion (USD).

She was said to be born in a privileged family. Also, criticized the ‘self-made’ title.

Forbes considers her to have exaggerated her profit. And consider her to mislead the world since 2016.

Yet Forbes acknowledges, Jenner is still a multimillionaire, presently securing her actual net worth at below $900 million (USD).

Kylie Jenner’s history

Jenner began her first job work at the age of 9. She worked in a reality TV series, named “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. Sources reported that in 2017, her family’s collectively revenue was over $30 million per season of that show. Though an exact amount earned by each member is yet known.

Later, in the year 2013. Kylie Jenner, (then 15) launched a clothing brand, named Kendall+Kylie for Pacsun. As she started it along with her sister, Kendall. Their clothing brand expanded, and are sold over 390 locations in America. And over 975 locations in the whole worldwide. The locations in the US include- Amazon, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Topshop.

Besides, in 2017, she started her own show, named ‘Life of Kylie’.

However, her bulk fortune is made through her cosmetic company, named Kylie Cosmetics. It was launched by the name ‘Kylie Lip Kits’. Her company has claimed to have generated over $630 million USD.

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