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Cursed: There Will Be A Season 2 On Netflix?

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Netflix’s Cursed is finally out. And is now streaming globally on the giant streaming platform, Netflix. It is an American origin web TV series. The show is based on a novel named the same, that is, Cursed by authors Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller. Moreover, Cursed is premiered globally on Netflix, on July 17, 2020.

To begin with, Cursed’s star Katherine Langford has described the show as a fantastical historical piece. She considered the show its specific genre.

However, to achieve it, the has to be renewed for another season. And the most asked question is. Will the show renew?

Will the creators renew for a sequel?

The first season of the show is recently released. However, no official announcements about the renewal are yet made. And it takes a couple of weeks or a month for Netflix, to renew a show. Therefore, to know any news about renewal, we have to wait until mid-august to know the series’ future.

Cursed release date | cast & plot for Netflix's Arthurian series - Radio  Times
Source: Radio Times

An expected plot of Season: 2

Warning: Spoilers ahead

In the climax of the season: 1, Nimue faces difficulties. The Church’s alliances with Vikings fell off after she killed Father Carden. However, this was a good point for people under her protection, but the question remains, What about herself?

Nimue was desperate to protect & save father Merlin’s life. Besides, she took a pack of arrows to save him. After getting wounded by the shots, she fell off the bridge into the river. Later, Merlin used Nimue’s sword to kill the Red Paladins who approached to kill him.

During the climax, the villain is revealed, wh is none other than the Lancelot of Arthurian legend and the Squirrel is revealed to be the Percival. However, they will later become the knights of the Round Table. According to this, it is assumed that they’ll shortly associate with Arthur’s crusade.

Since there is no sequel to the book, therefore no plot is known about Nimue’s return. However, if a sequel is made, Langford’s character’s return is sure. She is expected to be rescued from the lake. However, the exact information will only be revealed once the show renews and releases.

Expected cast members of season:2

If the show renews, the following cast members are expected to be returned.

  • Katherine Langford playing as Nimue
  • Billy Jenkins playing as Squirrel/Percival
  • Devon Terrell playing as Arthur
  • Daniel Sharman playing as Weeping Monk/ the Lancelot
  • Gustav Skarsgård playing as Merlin

However, if the sequel does not have a flashback, Peter Mullan’s return as Father Carden is doubtful. As he was killed in the climax of the first season.

However, the star of the show, Katherine Langford’s return is also questioned. Despite being the main lead star of the show, Nimue’s fate has come to an end at the climax of Season: 1. However, she might return being the as she is the lady of the lake.

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