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Control Z: Will Netflix Ready For Next Installment? Details Inside

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Control Z is a Mexican teen drama series on Netflix. Which showcases the life of high school students and how they get themself in the hacking scam. Fans around the world loved the series because of its thrilling drama in the lives of teenagers. The series just made its debut on Netflix and gained lots of love from the audience.

The people who loved the series like 13 Reasons Why, Elite, Gossip Girl, etc sure find it interesting. The series revolves around how a hacker in the school start hacking the social accounts of the student and starts reviling their dark secrets. Therefore it made fans more eager for the second season they want to know what happened after season one, whether there be season 2 and many other questions arose…

Here you will find everything regarding Control Z.

Is season 2 of Control Z renewed or not?

NO there is no official renewal for the second season right now from Netflix. Because the series made its debut on 22 May 2020 a few months back this year only. Therefore Netflix takes its own pretty time to renew any show after seeing the audience response and rating.

Control Z | Control Z Wiki | Fandom
Source: Control Z Wiki – Fandom

Therefore we can expect the renewal soon this year because it been more than one month since season one arrived on Netflix. And audience response is pretty good and surly in favor of the show.

Is there any release date for the Control Z season 2?

As for now, there is no fixed release date for the sequel of the series because there is no renewal from Netflix. But as we know that the series just made a debut and then there is the lockdown in almost every country, therefore, the productions of the TV show and movie came to a pause.

Therefore seeing the situation we can expect the series to be released somewhere around 2021 to 2022. Hope for the best and stay tuned with The Scuttle Paper for further updates.

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