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Cobra Kai Season 3: New Trailer Out Revealing Information Regarding Plotline Know Here!!!

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It is a very exciting time for all the Cobra Kai fans. As the show is moving forward to come on Netflix soon. The show Cobra Kai is an incredible martial arts drama show. Moreover, the series is a super hit and is loved globally by millions of fans.

Cobra Kai is one of the most famous shows. Among all the ’80s kids. Besides, the show will soon debut on Netflix.

Is there a trailer released?

The latest trailer of the show already released by Netflix. Moreover, the trailer reveals the basic plotline of the series. Furthermore, the trailer also revealed the show will not release this year but will air next year, in 2021.

However, if you haven’t watched the latest trailer yet. Then watch it now-

When will the upcoming season of Cobra Kai release?

At present, the release date of Cobra Kai season: 3 is a mystery. Besides, the latest trailer of the show revealed the release to be in the year 2021.

2021 release date cobra kai
Source: What’s On Netflix

However, season: 3 is expected to be out by the end of summer.

Where to watch the already released seasons of the show?

The first two seasons, that is Season: 1 and Season: 2. Of Cobra Kai originally aired on YouTube (also known as YouTube Premium). However, the giant streaming platform, Netflix now has acquired the rights. Therefore all the released 20 episodes will be available on Netflix. These episodes will be available to all the subscribers from this Friday. That is, from August 28, 2020, on Netflix.

Synopsis of the series

The show Cobra Kai is an American origin Martial-Arts drama show. It is created by directors including Josh Heald, Hayden Schlossberg, and Jon Hurwitz. Moreover, the series is a continuation of The Karate Kid films. Furthermore, and has takes place after a huge time gap of 34 years. That happened after the events of The Karate Kid.

Johnny Lawrence’s life from the past 30-years has been very hard. He was fired from his job. And upon rescuing an asthmatic kid from a gang of bullies. The character, Johny reopens his Cobra Kai karate dojo. He later becomes the new sensei to outsiders and all the children who were bullied. However, after a long time, a famous & successful karate rival. Named Daniel LaRusso, discover that Cobra Kai has reopened again. Therefore it reignites a quarrel between them.

Why is it taking so long by Netflix?

Netflix is in the process of developing dubs. The show, Cobra Kai will be dub in more than 30 languages. Since previously, only Hindi dub was provided by YouTube. Therefore, Netflix is under the process. And is making surety of every episode of Cobra Kai being fully accessible to audiences globally.

Besides, dubbing the show in so many languages takes time. However, it will be done very soon.

In addition, since the show is now moved to Netflix. Therefore a lot of marketing and advertisements is yet to be done.

Moreover, Netflix now has its own line up for the year 2021.

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