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Chris D’Elia Star Of You Show Accuse Of Physically Abusing Minors

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Chris D’Elia is a stand-up comedian who has been accused of physically abusing an underage girl.

On Tuesday he met with an online controversy in which he was accused that he was grooming the sixteen-year-old girl on text chat for being physical. The controversy caught on fire when a woman named Simone Rossi tweeted by using the handle @girlpowertbh.

You can see the tweet below:

Simone Rossi told that the comedian tried to groom the girl half of his age twice but she saved herself from getting Physically abused by him because she was already having the boyfriend of her age.

After the tweet of Simone Rossi, everyone started accusing him in the comment box that he is an evil kind of person who tries to molest girls who are underage and also tries to touch them in an inappropriate way without there permission. Some of them told that he tries to blackmail girls by saying to leak their private photos on the internet.

The controversy of Chris D’Elia of being an evil person in on fire.

Every one started tweeting from there Twitter account sharing there bad and horrible experience with him. But right now there is no official statement from Chris D’Elia regarding this he is not defending himself or accepting the thing so it’s not fair to judge someone without listing to another side of the story.

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