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Black Panther 2: See The List Of Actors Who could Replace The Star Chadwick Boseman!!!

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To begin with, after Chadwick Boseman’s tragic death, his upcoming film (as it was then) Black Panther 2 faces uncertainty. And one of the most asked questions after Chadwick Boseman’s tragic death is, Who will recast him? Will the film be made again? This is happening because the fans of Boseman are requesting Marvel Studios not to recast the late actor. Besides, recasting Boseman’s T’Challa character for the sequel would be an insult to his unique spin on the role.

Chadwick Boseman aka King of Wakanda Black Panther passed away after battling cancer for four long years. Moreover, he left the world at the age of 43. Boseman was signed as the lead role star in the Black Panther’s next installment before his tragic death. However, it made the fans shocked. Besides, all the fans and the world are wondering if the film, Black Panther 2 will still happen. Furthermore, the was already scheduled to release on May 6, 2022. However, the production work & filming has not yet begun. Therefore making the people wonder what will happen with the movie.

Who will Cast in Black Panther: 2

At present, no information is yet known. Besides, since Boseman’s death, people are wondering what will happen to the upcoming installment of Balck Panther.

Moreover, people are demanding not to replace Chadwick from his role. A Fan of Boseman named Jeremy Conrad, who is the founder of the MCU Cosmic website tweeted. “Do not recast him. Boseman cannot be replaced.” Later, another person Tweeted saying, “And with all due respect and for the future of Black Panther 2. The MCU should cancel the film. Besides, should not recast anyone else, as nobody can replace him.”

Michael B. Jordan Remembers Chadwick Boseman: “You Are My Big Brother” –  Deadline
Source: Deadline

Has Marvel ever re-casted the role of any character?

In the past, Marvel has already re-casted a few roles. And the list includes the recasting of Mark Ruffalo. As he took over for Edward Norton as Hulk. Also, the recasting of Don Cheadle. As he stepped in as War Machine for the role which was played by Terrence Howard.

Will we see him again?

There are possibilities that we will see Boseman as T’Challa again. But this time, it will be for the last time. As Chadwick was arranged & set to appear as Black Panther (also as T’Chall) in the Disney+ animated series named Marvel’s What If. it is a Disney+ upcoming series that is set to set to be introduced in the year 2021. And will be exploring different things that might have happened in the MCU universe. As if certain moments in the Marvel Universe history would have ended up in a different way.

Moreover, nearly all of the casting teams & stars from the MCU world will be appearing in the series. However, it is still unknown if Chadwick Boseman has already recorded his voiceover work or his part was still left to be done.

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