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Another Life Season 2: Expected Return Date And Other Details Revealed!!

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Another life Season: 1 ended with the squad of the Salvare. And the other people of the Earth in a very uncertain condition and position. Therefore, we expect a sequel to the show.

Another Life is an American origin web TV series. It is a science-fiction & drama show created by Aaron Martin. Another Life was premiered on July 25, 2019, on the giant streaming platform, Netflix. It had a total of 10 episodes in it.

Will the show renew?

After there release of the first season. The creators of the show officially renewed the series for a sequel in October 2019. Season: 1 of the series was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. Between the time period of August to November in the year 2018.

Firstly, after the renewal, the show was expected to be filmed at the same location, in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition, the filming is was scheduled to begin from March 2, 2020, to June 9, 2020. However, due to the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, filming was temporarily stopped. As a result, predictions are made that the show will not come this year. But will be premiered in the year 2021. Though, no confirmations can be reached until any official announcements are made.

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Source: Netflix

The storyline of Another Life Season: 1

Warning: SPOILERS alert for Another Life season 1

The series Another Life begins with discovering the origin of the creation of the Artifact. And was that sent on a friendly basis or non-friendly? By the end of the Season: 1, the storyline concluded that the Aliens, known as Achaia are not-friendly. Their main objective is destruction, thus, concludes that saving Earth from these Achaia won’t be easy

By the end of Season: 1, Achaia’s plans on Earth seem more complicated than simply destroying the Earth. Another Life Season: 1 ended with Harper Glass, a journalist, whose mind gets controlled by Achaia. He makes announcements “aliens are peaceful & want peace, and want to make friends”. This suggests that Achaia wants to enslave the entire human race on Earth &  use the planet as per its requirement. However, Erik doesn’t get any information regarding Achaia’s evil. She was last seen leading into the Artifact with Jana expecting the Aliens to save her life.

An expected plot of Another Life Season: 2 

Another Life Season: 2 might begin with Achaia. Having more significant ideas & plans than wiping out humans. Apparently, they will use their power to gain full control over humans for their own benefit. However, these are just assumptions and can vary accordingly. And to know the truth, we have to wait until the series premieres.

In addition, Erik could be seen under the control of Aliens, the same as Harper. And could be seen as conflicting and fighting his own wife.

The Achaia considers Niko as a threat to them, therefore, could use him to stop her. However, for that to happen, the Salvare must return to Earth.

Some of our close sources reported that Tongayi Chirisa will be playing the role of Richard Ncube in Season: 2.

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